Moog Trio (Mother, Subharmonicon, DFAM) + Elektron Setup

Hi everyone,

I’m begging for your advice on the following thing:

I currently have Elektron Setup (DT, DN, AH) and Yamaha Arius piano.
And I feel like the music I’m trying to write, needs some Moog sound.
I really liked some Mother-32 videos on Youtube, where they used it with BigSky or similar stuff together. Then I spent some days looking for some similar sounds among Dark Energy, Dreadbox synths, Minitaur etc… something that could resemble sound of Mother-32 — and haven’t found anything I liked. They sounded either metallic or flat or too raw

And my questions are these:

  1. Since Mother-32 is something rather limited alone and more intended to be a part of modular setup, is it a good idea to buy it + DFAM + Subharmonicon together to create a mini ecosystem where they complement each other? I don’t think I want to go modular beyond that, I’m looking for something that I’ll buy and not regret about limitations even when together.

  2. Does Subharmonicon 37 (25) have the same circuitry as Mother? Can I expect they sound the same?

  3. How good is the whole Idea having Elektron trio + Moog trio + Peak together? How do they live with each other?

Thank you!

If you’re convinced you want the Moog sound, then maybe just get the Mother 32 to start? It’s a pretty big outlay to get all three and a lot to learn.

I think you are getting confused between the sub37 and the Subharminicon. They’re totally different products. The sub37 and the Mother 32 have similar sound palettes.

To add another suggestion: have you considered the Moog Grandmother?


TLDW: Sound-wise they’re barely distinguishable. Crave is roughly a quarter of the price.


God, sorry, of course I meant Subsequent 37/25.
Thanks, need to read about Grandmother too.

Thank you, does Crave have anything above Mother capabilities apart from they sound the same?

Almost all the same connections + similar sequencer. Behringer made it look quite different (for once), but it’s basically another of their clones

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You need the Grandmother

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Getting the trio, even with DFAM and M32 2nd hand, would mean spending at least 1600€. That’s a big investment, and spending the money is the easy part. For that money you could almost get a Matriarch 2nd hand.

If you want Moog sound on a budget, you can’t really go wrong with Behringer Model D. I mean, you can get a lot of miles out of that 200€ (second hand) synth.

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My advice is get to a shop and try them out. Even if it means travelling a bit (which yeah, might be tricky at this time) get your hands on them and listen and feel with your own senses in real time.

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Thanks guys. There’s no possibility to try them in real life, I live far from any shop selling synths.

If we’re talking about non-moog alternatives, I’m waiting for Peak as well, can it serve as an alternative then?

The Peak can be a great mono/bass synth. It won’t sound exactly like a Mother 32 but you can get pretty close with the 4 pole filter imo, plus the onboard FX are really good, especially the reverb. But obviously while it’s doing that you won’t be able to use it for chords etc. Maybe get the Peak first and see if it scratches that itch.

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