Moog Matriarch


it’s funny, I’m the opposite. never had much interest in owning one till the Dfam. I fink the dfam, and as of yet unreleased subharmonicon, bfam n spectravox are some of the most interesting pieces around. modern moog float my boat.


It’s not that everyone loves Moog, everyone loves fat analog oscillators and filters. There’s a reason smaller lesser known companies have created sonic hits such as the MFB Dominion 1 which is one of the best sounding modern synths I’ve heard.

I’d love to own a Baloran as well… But this Matriarch might be too good to pass up. I mean imagine Pink Floyd using a digital synth on their tracks. Have a Cigar just wouldn’t sound the same without a Moog.


Just curious, what companies are at the top of your list as for excitement meter?


I think Waldorf would be in that list; Elektron too. My tastes have changed dramatically though as I’ve delved into software the last several months.

I’d be excited to hear Novation or Dave Smith coming out with something new (and hopefully hybrid). If Modal came out with something in the $600-$1000 range, that’d excite me too I think.

I guess all these companies are ones I could picture potentially releasing crazy hybrid monsters (which is what would excite me most).


The Grandmother (and I assume Matriarch) oscs are from the Minimoog Voyager, the rest of the “modules” are derived from the Modulars

source: sound on sound review of GM


Another small video with a closer look on the panel.


The cat at 7:00 in the initial video though!



Extremely interesting! I love the Sub37 but it is very hard to place in the mix and it has too many buttons and menues. A more immediate interface like the Grandmother and a more versatile synth engine with semi-modular possibilites is just fantastic. The included delay can be a monster, imagine the use of keytracking or envelopes / LFOs on the delay length… I will take one!


I think they should have kept the reverb


The Korg’s arp cycle through each of the oscillators, each set to its own waveshape and octave. It’d be neat if the Moog can do the same.


that’s one mode for the Mono/Poly. the mode @golddust was talking about is “Poly” mode, where you can play 1-4 keys and they all run through the same filter/VCA/env cycles. you can also play them in unison, as well as use chord memory to memorize up to four notes at once and play all of them with one key. or you can use “effects” mode to get cross/ring mod going on. I don’t think Matriarch will have all of these, but that would be great. it certainly has other merits though!

as far as Moog boring some people… I get it. I used to feel that way about a decade ago. they seemed to just re-hash the same products over and over, with minor tweaks. with the Mother/DFAM/Grandmother/Matriach family, I think they’ve really started to blossom into a new era. not to mention the One… btw, I have similar feelings about Dave Smith Instruments. they bored me forever, and still mostly do. the OB6 and Prophet6 are pretty special though.




Now when you say that, this poly moog appears to be affordable actually compared to behringer 4 bricks poly. But just out of curiosity, someone has 4 model b working f in a poly mod?


I don’t think its hate, its dislike. You understand the differnce i hope…


I don´t see the Matriarch vs. the OB6 /Prophet 6, even if the prices are not that far from each other. I see more of a Matriarch vs. Pro2 as both have 4 osc / 4 voices and 2 great filters, delays etc. and I would love to see and hear a comparission. I´m still looking on the Pro2.

Is the delay on the Moog based on their big moogerfooger delay?


@insect I saw lately there is a pro 2 in musikhaus korn in Dresden. And they also have a grandmother there.


Of course


nice vid

what a time to be alive

pretty keen to give some cash to someone this year for a keyboard

still, somehow i dont get fully excited by moog, dunno why

might look into this unit a little more though, looks pretty cool


It sounds amazing! I am looking for a poly synth, this one sound so damn good. The last pad sound in the moog promotion video is just pure bliss. Not to talk about the delay. The limitation of 4 voices of paraphony is a clear limitation though.

My main focus for a poly synth is being able to make lots of different pad sounds. How versatile do you guys and girls think that this synth will be at creating different types of pad sounds?