Moog Matriarch


I think I read somewhere else they were having issues with getting it to have consistently stable tuning (or something like that), and so didn’t feel happy going out to retail with it. Seems plausible.

Personally I would have liked an expander for the Grandmother with an extra envelope, LFO (or two), and a delay – that would have been sweet. But I guess that won’t happen with the Matriarch now. Hmm, with this and the new UDO Super 6 there are some quite GASsy synths around!


I personally loved the video. Nothing but good quality audio of what the synth sounds like. Specially liked what Paris Strother played on it without even touching the patch points.

Much rather listen to how the synth sings than have a bunch of flying text of features all over the video.


Absolute. The Paris Strother Part was fantastic. I also loved what she played in the Moog One Demo. Never noticed her before.


After the Moog One release, I checked out Paris Strother’s band King (which includes her twin sister) and enjoyed what I’ve heard. About to check out their Kennedy Center show.

Edit 1: Idly wondering if a Matriarch will kick that Mopho out of her rig.


I’m in this camp - gimme the fluffy, artsy promo video that shows off some of the sweet sounds. I can’t take the stuffy, staid videos where some old guy goes over the painstakingly matched transistors, and points to all the various knobs and patch points, playing the same blues riff from the 70’s.

At any rate, this thing sounds amazing. I’m not in the market, but if I were, I’d certainly consider this. The question is whether it has enough of that special sauce to justify the price tag. I wonder if non-moogfest special editions (i.e. regular production units) will cost a little less. How much is that badge worth?

Can’t wait to hear more.


I think it sounds great, my only real complaint is the predictable price point. It’ll inevitably end up pretty much equal on the pound vs dollar, so we’re looking at Prophet 6 / OB6 money. A lot of wedge for paraphonic, that.


Im not in the market for one either, way above my price point too but I like the direction Moog is going


Just checked. In US stores, a P6 is still $2800-ish, OB-6 still about $3000. Of course you get true poly and more voices, presets, etc. for the extra cost.


We get stung here. You can snag them for around £2k (my Prophet 6 keyboard was that on the nose new). The Moog will be near enough that, I’m sure


I figured you were referring to EU/UK pricing.

I’m now mildly interested how much the upcoming Udo Super 6 (mentioned earlier) will cost in the US vs. the UK, as the Udo is a UK product.


I know everyone loves Moog, but they’ve somehow become the least exciting synth company to me :speak_no_evil:


Now what is the H-word?


Epithet used by older guys, in reference to millenials and younger people - especially those who eat avocado toast and wear tight jeans


Hillennials? :wink:


Nope. Grandmother/Matriarch OSC are derived from Moog Modular System. DFam/Mother32 osc from the Voyager. In both Cases Not a Bad choice.




Dammit, now I have to get a job.


And a very nice Video:


And i might sell some stuff…


It depends. This is an awesome Classic Instrument definately old school…but Boy does it Sound!