Moog Matriarch


I love these Moog promo videos. I can read the synth specs anywhere later and there’ll be plenty of videos available for that when the time comes, this is just a nice video where you can hear how the unit sounds. I think it’s a good promo - at least I prefer this to the Arturia Microfreak promo, which felt so embarrassing!

The unit sounds gorgeous, by the way. I was hoping they would release the Subharmonicon instead, though :sob:


This here is a real promo video. We get to hear the specs, battery life (all day and all night), what they’re more fun than, and how you properly use them.

I was saving up for a Baloran The River but now… Now I just don’t know…


Fair enough, that’s the definitive promo video :joy:



When I went to the Moog factory last year I was all excited to spend time with the One, and was rather underwhelmed sound-wise. But the very next synth I played there was the Grandmother, and I thought “Holy crap THIS is what a Moog is supposed to sound like!” and right after that “If they could only make a poly version of this…” I even expressed that afterwards when we was talking to the Moog guys at the counter (but we were mostly talking about Elektron stuff believe it or not…) Having them both side-by-side in a setting like that I’m sure lots of others had said the same thing.

So yeah it seems that the Moog gods listened to us.


wish there were some more close-up large photos. or a full spec sheet. some shortcomings of the Grandmother include the Noise not having an output, and the S/H being hard-wired to the Noise. wonder if those have been changed…


Another vote for the Subharmonicon, which might be enough to push me into finally getting more than a packet of Moog patch cables.


this synth makes a secondhand A4 seem like a bargain of the century

Personally, I’ve grown out of the moog sound. My SE-02 gets me close enough. Run into a tube pre or 1073 if I want mojo, done.

EDIT: Just saw the 1/4" multitrack reeltoreels… seriously? Why have so many? I’d take a 24trk 2" multitrack instead any day of the week. Do u even 30 IPS bro


Moog Matriarch

Musician’s Friend has a few specs up.


I have a 3-tier stand with a Mother-32, a DFAM and a blank slot waiting to be filled. I’m still in denial, thinking that they’ll eventually release it - I’m pretty sure I’ll end up getting a second DFAM and one week later they’ll release the Subharmonicon.

I’ve listened to the Matriarch video a couple of times and I’m in love, btw. If I had the money and the space…but mostly the money. Gotta record an album this year, so I’m in saving mode :frowning:


Moog just keeps making amazing stuff, GEEZ


and better pics that you can embiggen. but I’d like some top-down front panel pics. so you can read each of the patch points. still, from looking at theirs, I’m pretty sure the same shortcomings are still there.

funny that Sweetwater isn’t the exclusive retailer of this (and doesn’t have it on their site yet). the One was exclusive to them for quite some time. wonder if they goofed up that roll out…?


Yea you’re right, just basic specs I’d like to see the 90 patch points mainly. Nice to see it’s all still analog at least.


Reading the available specs again I would like to know, if the Matriarch has a decent MIDI implementation. At least clock, notes and some of the usual controllers should be supported.

I also would like to know, how the filter section exactly works. The design reminds me on the Voyager. There is a central knob for the cutoff and a second for spacing. But reading Resonance 1 and Resonance 2 is different and a great improvement. Would be great, if both filters could be modulated independently from each other.


I love the GM and this looks unbelievably awesome . I probably won’t be trading up… but I’m drooling over this thing. It’s like a Moog Mono/Poly :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Definitely the right move to add onto the GM structure, such a great sounding synth, delay, additional filter, more modulation routing (it looks like), just bonkers good.

However Moog can’t seem to name a synth for the life of them ha ha.


I found the promo for the Sirin to be more compelling, personally


Okay, maybe hate was not the right word. I agree, it is a very emotional way to present a synth, just like an advertise for cars or parfums.
But somehow, that kind of style fits to the brand. And somehow it catches my intention.


When I watched the promo for THE SQUID(lousy name for a product) I was like “this is better than the micro freak”. I suppose that’s going to be my comparison for all promos going forward


I was also hoping for the Subharmonicon.


Me too. I think this a universal opinion. It would be my only pre-order insta-buy from Moog.

Given obviously insanely high demand, I’m not sure why they don’t just put it out.


Sounds great to me. I think confirmation of the specs on the Moog Music website itself might be the only way I can reason with myself to not buy this thing.

The video style is pretty much in step with the style preferred by Knobs and others on Youtube that like to make synth videos showing a window with a view of a garden, a lake, or some other natural landscape, and maybe a potted plant by the window. The kind of stuff that makes older guys blurt out the H word

The goal of companies like Moog, Elektron, etc. is not to please everyone w/ their vids, but to get peeps talking. Good talk is fine, bad talk is even better :rofl: