Moog Matriarch

I’m a bit jealous you got to be there. I thought I read somewhere that while she had the Pyramids onstage, it was not active? I didn’t hear any flanging, not that it matters much.

I got her all-Matriarch album - it’s great


I’ll definitely have to check that album out! And yeah at the end she mentions the pyramids, that’s all i’m going by really. maybe it was just a very subtle effect, but i agree that it doesn’t matter much. she could’ve gone dry and it still would have been amazing.

Warning: This Loopop Matriarch Review is a GAS generator.

Table of Contents:

0:00 Intro
0:55 Overview
2:15 The different Paraphonic modes
6:00 Round robin mode
7:05 Oscillators overview
9:50 Mixer
10:45 Filters
14:40 Envelopes
15:50 Split mode
17:20 Stereo delays
20:25 Main LFO
22:55 Utilities
24:55 Arpeggiator
26:00 Sequencer
28:00 Settings
30:00 Patch ideas:
30:00 Using velocity and aftertouch
31:00 Looping envelopes
31:50 Changing the character of the filter
32:40 Ring modulation
33:30 Ring mod with sync
33:55 Linear FM and Sync cross-mod for minor subharmonics
35:00 Paraphonic chord spread
35:20 Stack cables as mixers and splitters
35:35 Making the oscillators stereophonic
36:25 Use the attenuverters as a mixer
36:45 Audio rate filter mod
37:10 Automatic stereo panning
38:30 Modulate the delay when it isn’t in sync
39:30 Creating arpeggios with a time-synced delay
39:50 Extending parameter ranges with voltage and the attenuator
40:20 Using the delay a tone-shaper and mini looper
41:00 Pros & cons


Its a shame it hasn’t the same tone as the Moog Mother 32. Every Moog has its own flavour though. This is a good lead synth with a rawer sound.

What an inspiring album.

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Gee - all of his vids are GAS producers! I’ve been interested (in a pipe dream, doubt it’ll happen way) in the Matriach since it was announced. When I saw that loopop did a video, I was both excited and distressed at the same time!

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The manual is released :grinning:


one small detail: matriarch can now output the clock signal all the time, and not only when the seq/arp is running. I hope they update the firmware of the grandmother to allow this as well. It makes syncing it to a modular so much easier.


Matriarch looks awesome, for the price though I couldn’t see buying one over other something like a Summit. I’ve been watching the Moog Factory livestream on youtube and daaaaamn they take a very leisurely approach to assembly, I’m surprised some of this stuff like the sticker placement isn’t automated. Slow motion. Probably a pretty chill place to work. Has anyone received one yet? Would love to hear some demos.

The Summit looks nice but it’s a very different synth, catering to a different crowd.

If you’re looking for a polysynth with analog engine and presets, forget about Matriarch and look elsewhere - maybe the Korg Prologue which is currently $300 off or Sequential DSI stuff - those are the true competitors to Summit.

Matriarch is more for people who love to patch with patch cables and have fun exploring sound, presets be damned. That’s why it has 90 patch points and Summit has none - that I can see anyway.

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Has anyone received confirmation that there Matriarch has been shipped? Looks like they started going out this week.

Another video from Loopop. Matriarch hasn’t even reached the hands of the lucky preorder customers yet and there’s already updates - mostly related to MIDI CC of parameters that do not have CV inputs. He also mentions at the very end support for Scala tuning, though it’s unclear whether that feature was already there before this latest round of updates.

Also, as the title suggests, he explains differences between Matriarch and Grandmother, beyond the obvious ones such as keyboard size, number of oscillators, and spring reverb vs. delay.

Man, couple this with a Minilogue XD and I’ve got a nice duo for microtonal synth music


A few lucky ones on gearslutz have already received theirs. Its the moogfest and the standard version that they are shipping.

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I got a “Matriarch has left the house!” email from Moog Music so that’s how I heard that shipping has begun.

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I so want Moog to release some sort of desk / top rackable version of the Matriarch modules for those of us that already have a GM & don’t want another keyboard. But I also appreciate they probably won’t - it’s a complete instrument & I respect that.
Having said that, the Voyager RME must have sold a tonne ,so why not Moog ?!

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personally I’m still hoping that Moog make a simplified version of the One soon. I’d love a six voice version with one osc/sub-osc, moog filter, and one env, ala the architecture used by Juno, Polsix, etc… this is closer to a modular Mono/Poly. which is great! but I’m not ready to clear space for it just yet as it doesn’t fill that “poly moog” void for me. but if they never make the above dream synth…


I’m still holding out for a GM expander, too. I hope they do it soon otherwise I might start falling down the Eurorack rabbit hole …

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Wish they would do an updated edition of the CP-251 with 1/8" jacks, seems like a no-brainer. Maybe add an inverter or two, another mult, make one (or both) of the attenuators an attenuverter, clock in.


I think very highly of Moog but why do they commission reviewers to advertise a synth that is already sold out? What benefit do they gain from creating a huge GAS bubble?