Moog Matriarch

Aaaah the Matriarch…Wish i Had the space for it …

I’m a bit jealous you got to be there. I thought I read somewhere that while she had the Pyramids onstage, it was not active? I didn’t hear any flanging, not that it matters much.

I got her all-Matriarch album - it’s great


I’ll definitely have to check that album out! And yeah at the end she mentions the pyramids, that’s all i’m going by really. maybe it was just a very subtle effect, but i agree that it doesn’t matter much. she could’ve gone dry and it still would have been amazing.

Warning: This Loopop Matriarch Review is a GAS generator.

Table of Contents:

0:00 Intro
0:55 Overview
2:15 The different Paraphonic modes
6:00 Round robin mode
7:05 Oscillators overview
9:50 Mixer
10:45 Filters
14:40 Envelopes
15:50 Split mode
17:20 Stereo delays
20:25 Main LFO
22:55 Utilities
24:55 Arpeggiator
26:00 Sequencer
28:00 Settings
30:00 Patch ideas:
30:00 Using velocity and aftertouch
31:00 Looping envelopes
31:50 Changing the character of the filter
32:40 Ring modulation
33:30 Ring mod with sync
33:55 Linear FM and Sync cross-mod for minor subharmonics
35:00 Paraphonic chord spread
35:20 Stack cables as mixers and splitters
35:35 Making the oscillators stereophonic
36:25 Use the attenuverters as a mixer
36:45 Audio rate filter mod
37:10 Automatic stereo panning
38:30 Modulate the delay when it isn’t in sync
39:30 Creating arpeggios with a time-synced delay
39:50 Extending parameter ranges with voltage and the attenuator
40:20 Using the delay a tone-shaper and mini looper
41:00 Pros & cons


Its a shame it hasn’t the same tone as the Moog Mother 32. Every Moog has its own flavour though. This is a good lead synth with a rawer sound.

What an inspiring album.

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Gee - all of his vids are GAS producers! I’ve been interested (in a pipe dream, doubt it’ll happen way) in the Matriach since it was announced. When I saw that loopop did a video, I was both excited and distressed at the same time!

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