I think the DFAM will be looking at receiving a pulse per step into it’s ADV/CLOCK input : that’s why DIN Sync is running the the sequence so fast : you’re blasting
either 24 or 48 Pulses Per Quarter Note into the DFAM!

You need something that’ll just send a single pulse to advance the DFAM sequencer per step - the old IMPULSE machine on the Machinedrum would do this. I can’t remember if the
new machines have such a thing ( I sold both my RYTM & A4 ages ago ) but really any sharp, loud pulse with a rising edge should do it - try a sample - & you’ll just need to use a separate audio
out into the ADV/CLOCK in on the Moog. Oh - I see you’ve got an A4 : what about just sending a GATE out from the back out that into the DFAM ?
Stuff like the Roland Boutique drummers ( TR09 / 08 ) have this pulse/trig per step out functionality too …& I think maybe the Korg Volca stuff, but I’m not familiar with those really.


Rytm does have an impulse machine… :slight_smile:


Here’s how I made it work.
Take one of these cables.

  • Connect a cable from the A4’s CV out A/B jack to the DFAM’s ADV/CLOCK. One of the cables on the left. I bought the whole setup pictured, but it’s not needed. You can use either the black or the red cable, your choice :expressionless:

  • On the A4 you need to configure the CV outputs (ref. manual page 60-61). You’ll be using CV output A (the tip of the jack), so set its TYPE to CLOCK.

  • The CLK parameter for the CV A configuration (as shown on manual page 93) will now determine how fast the DFAM runs. Set to 1 (if this CLK parameter is “pulses per quarter note” the the DFAM should now play quarter notes, at a setting 2 it should play eights and so on).

Connecting a Moog DFAM > A4 MKII

This DFAM despite the sequencer limitations is the most fun piece I’ve purchased in a long time. With the Sub 37 and the Minitaur, it’s a damn blast.


so maybe I actually do NEED analogue drums? didn’t want to


The vids make it look very performance based, hands on. I’m keen to try one. No midi sync is inconvenient.


Mine’s like delayed until the end of time. And I was first in line, in the store.

Moog’s stuff reaches the world, then the seven circles of hell, then Australia, and then Sweden.

But that’s okay, we got meatballs and stuff over here, and snow from time to time, so I guess we deserve to get last in the Moog line.


I’m in Dallas on business which is usually pretty GAS safe place (not counting guitars), however I just discovered a guitar center 10 miles away with DFAM in stock so I’ll head over tonight to try.
Btw I live in Hong Kong which is poorly served by moog surprisingly.


so tonight ill be trying the DFAM and a used analog 4 mk1, they are pretty much the same price, any thoughts?




Don’t worry, Sweden is alphabetically before Switzerland. Still no news about mine either. Guess Moog‘s dispatch went like: „Swe… Swi… what? Ok, just send those orders to Swaziland.“


Went to GC Tonight and asked about a dfam that was on their website. They were a bit surprised, went off and came back with the only one in the shop. As it was absolutely pissingndown I spent a couple of hours with dfam and a used A4. As much as I liked the A 4 I was quite taken with the moog- it will sit nicely with OT and was fun and sounded really great. Got 15% off for Presidents’ Day so happy camper right now.




Sorry total modular noob here.
Can I use a Doepfer MCV4 to sync a digitakt and a dfam ?


Yep, it should work perfectly. There may be even simpler options if you just want to sync.


Thanks, which simpler option do you think of ?


Just got a dfam and also looking to sync to OT. I’m travelling but when I get home I have a few things I can try using midi out on OT TO MIDI IN on:
Volca Fm With sync out to clock on dfam
EHX 8 step same thing
Hoping the volca works but it’s not clear if the sync send cv or an audio pulse.
Or get crazy and buy mother 32…


Hum no actually I though there was something that only did Midi to Gate but it’s only as Euro modules.

Francis : With the OT you can just send an audio click I think ? There must be a tutorial somewhere on the internet. I know Surgeon did this when he used an OT.


Cheers I’ll try that, does it mean I lose a track? Wonder if I can send metronome to a cue output…mmmmm…