Doesn’t look like it has DIN Sync


In the settings, you can set the thrus for DIN sync, but I’m using one of the thrus and the setting option does not allow independent settings. If you adjust the thrus for DIN it changes both of them, and since I’m using one of the thrus for other Elektron devices it wont work for me.


One is midi thru and the other is midi out, they do both have independent settings so if your not using one of them you can set it to din sync…


it’s great to know it is possible to tempo sync … now all i need is a Rytm and a D-Fam. Possibly an Eloquencer, and a range of other cool obscure Euroracking glittering gadget componentry to send mod info oscillations. Too much fun! Something to work towards i guess.


with the cable mentioned above, patch the red 3.5 mm into the DFAM RUN/STOP and the black into the DFAM ADV/CLOCK. I think that should work. I sync Pamelas New Workout from my Pyramid in that way, you may just need to experiment with the din sync settings on Rytm. The sync is as tight as a fishes arse.

Red = Start / Stop
Black = Clock


What I am saying is that on my RYTM MKII I’m using one midi out and one mid thru. I’m using the config you gave me Mike for the OT, A4 and RYTM. Both my thru ports and midi out on the A4 are used as well. On the RYTM, The options for Thru in the menu change both thru outputs. Meaning, if I set the thru port function on the RYTM to DIN 24 or 48, it affects both thru midi ports. There’s not a separate option for Mid Thru A and B from what I can see.


The ARmk2 does not have 2 midi thru ports… It has 1 midi in, 1 midi out, and 1 midi thru…
Each of the thru and the out can be configured to din sync independently…

I though from the setup advice JuanSolo and I gave you were only using AR’s midi in and thru but not the out, maybe you connected something else… :thinking:


Yes you are correct, I’m an idiot. I have the Midi out on the AR available.


Can the ARMK2 make these types of sounds? I’m hoping so…


yeah let´s hope for DFAM machine on the AR :smiley: just 2 free running oscilators and a noise that can manipulate each other. And fming the filter with oscilator / noise would be a welcome addition too (also for the A4)


I don’t have an ARMK2 so I don’t know.


I tend to think some of it is possible with the bit reduction parameter, but IMO the DFAM is an animal on it’s own. This video sold me on it.




Well I tried this and it’s not working too well. I have the cable that you suggested. And plugged in (red > Run/Stop) (black > Adv/Clock) and it’s coming from the A4 Midi out port. There’s 3 options for the port. DIN24 DIN48 and Midi. DIN24 and DIN48 just cause the DFAM to sequence at a million miles per hour. Not sure what is up with that and no sound. When I unplug the cables and hit Run, it plays and I can hear it. So I’m getting audio. It’s just trying to figure how to sync it.


Have you tried the din sync from Rytm for comparison. Otherwise I’m not sure why dfam is behaving like that, are there are other settings required to be changed on dfam.


No idea I’ll give a try on the RYTM later


I’ve been comparing the DFAM to the Behringer Model D – ( :evil: ) - and i think the DFAM beats it in value as a total package.


I don’t think the AR will ever match the tone of the DFAM (this is neither good nor bad), but I think the upcoming 2VCO machine will make it easier to approach the AR sequencer like the DFAM.


Would be really nice to know when we are hearing more then one DFAM though, feel like I am guessing well enough, that they about half of what is heard is more then one…


To what are you referring?