I’m interested in knowing if the sequencer can be bypassed as well. Maybe to a bsp or something similar? What if I wanted to sequence dfam with digitakt or Digitone? Some kind of kenton cv/midi adapter would be needed obviously, but I’d like to ha e conditionals and locks per step while changes are made to dfam. Think that’s doable?

I think I read somewhere that you have to press start on the dfam to have the dfam advance to the next step. Is there any way to have it start from other gear it’s synced to?


that’s like comparing a Digitone to a Yamaha DX1


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i beg your pardon?


Hey I’m not insulting I just wanted to see if you were gonna get the DFAM. I actually read your reviews about your gear experiences.


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for the record, i think the digitone is awesome!


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Ok, whatever. That’s cool.


I’m sorry if I seem short. I just got done with a 3 hour class on algorithms, and was definitely not in the mood for your initial post.


no sweat, you can stop talking to me whenever you want. no need to reply to my tangential and meandering thoughts. i probably should keep them to myself!

Alpha Base is sick!


anyone received their DFAM, any opinions


Yes. So far it sounds really good, with a wide sweet spot. Very easy to dial in a nice groove with subtle ghost notes. Great sample fodder either as a loop or for individual hits.

It’s expensive but it is immediate and sounds great.


Still waiting, could be today, could be next week…


Mine’s delayed, it’ll be another month before I see it.


so very true :slight_smile:


just what I wanted to hear
It has come at a good time for me as I have just built a small modular purely for percussion and I see the DFAM on bassline duties.


Hi all, I don’t know much about CV. Actually I know little to nothing. I have a DFAM coming and I’m wondering how I can sync clock to it from either of the following. A4, RYTM, OT, all MKII’s



I’m really curious why there’s no midi in the unit and how u guys plan on working around that.

Would be beautiful to sequence it with the DT.

I hear u can sync it to a mother 32 tho so to get an external clock sent to the DFAM do u need some type of modular/semi modular synth or something.

Kind of eyeing that new Behringer Neutron.

I really wanna get one but if I have to sample everything from it just get stuff to fit to a pattern that would be kind of frustrating


IYour Rytm should have din sync out. If the dfam has a clock input and a run input you can use one of these cables.

The dfam has a run / stop and a adv / clock, these look like outputs though. Someone on here might know more on whether those can be used.