totally! its way more interesting and capable of all crazy staff! and can do fm and am and cv sequencer is there…


Midi implementation on the m-32 is fairly weak. It doesn’t surprise me too much that they left it out of the dfam


Dear lord, this things’s already out in the wild. I’m hearing lots of demos from it now. Man, I love how it sounds.


I do accept that eurorack devices have no midi…
But any other device?
If it is not a BASTL KASTL it should have midi…

I mean, hey, it’s 2018 and it is definitly no rocket science to implement this…
I will happily ignore the DFAM. It is too expensive inmho…


Both interesting machines. Moog is monophonic ,2 o/c’s, 8 step seq , patchable, analog FM . Quite good for sound design and generation and live play. ( Just attended DFAM live debut here in LA.) Super warm , fat Moog sound…:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Prob more versatile when driven by ext CV seq…Compact form factor… It has its place… BUT

Just played demo Alpha Base at Perfect Circuit Audio, Burbank CA. Very very nice as anticipated. Very versatile with M-brane, samples … analog filters on all sounds/tracks , and 4-op FM ! This FM is different from MnM FM algorithms . Its an evolution of all of Jomox’s perc machines …not merely repeating the same old sounds…a newer and flexible sound palette :smile::+1:t4:


Note …There are no REALLLY GOOD grooving demos of either of these products yet.

Usually just noise based eurorack stuff for Moog. Moog rep walked me through it and I played with it 35min …It has great potential …e.g I want to demo it with some electro-funk type patterns from A4 as a CV seq. DFAM and A4 should pair nicely :slightly_smiling_face:

Also Jurgen is great designer , but doesn’t make the most inspiring Jomox demos.:laughing:

Ive got some Afro-electro rhythms done on X-Base09 ( I might trade up )


X-base 09 with filtering


My hardware path lead me to a point recently were I ended up with an MS20 mini, A4 and a Mother 32. Now there are patch cables everywhere and I don’t know how I made music before I fell into this little trio of a setup.

You’ve been warned :stuck_out_tongue:


That. I would only get rid of my M32 in the event that I got a MB2. A combo of restrictions, including space, money and self-imposed creative. The MB2 plus a DFAM (maybe racked into the Rackbrute with a digital osc and a wild modulator) is, imo, an insane amount of synth. I get frustrated with too many options (having said that, I have two Elektron boxes) And you’re talking the four of them together? Naw. I’m good for now.

But, yeah, that would be a righteous setup.

Yes. I tread very carefully, myself.


Thanks for that, seems like Muffwiggler is having the time signature discussion as well.


I’m not liking the fact that I like this DFAM.
All my gear is lined up in front of the firing squad now.


Haha. I already gave in. Preordered last Friday.

Thing is, I want to keep the stuff I have, can‘t seem to find a piece of gear I wouldn’t miss…


Same boat!
I just pre-ordered the Squarp Hermod so my hands and bank are tied…
:thinking: Still chin checking though!


With some luck, I’m getting mine next week. Only thing that caught my interest at NAMM, tbh. I’m getting old.


Still waiting for news on my preorder, hope it’s arriving really soon…! Can’t wait to hook it up to the mother and rytm mk1, then record some madness via OB. (Will use the rytm input with split mono for DFAM and M32, at least that’s the current fantasy I’m having)


I’m taking a similar route. The Mother into the Digitakt’s left, the DFAM into the Digitakt’s right. It’s gonna be a great day, when it arrives.


Yes! Keep me posted :smile:




Does anyone know if you can trigger the oscillators with an external gate, something like Grids or Pamela’s new workout. Ie bypass the analogue sequencer.


PATCHBAY INPUTS: Trigger, VCA CV, Velocity, VCA Decay, External Audio, VCF Decay, Noise Level, VCO Decay, VCF Mod, VCO 1 CV, 1→2 FM Amount, VCO 2 CV, Tempo, Run/Stop, Advance/Clock.