Monomachine vs digitone


I think I may have said this already, but in my current state of “i have more hardware than good ideas and would rather be traveling”, I do think of ditching a lot of gear. But Monomachine is 100% on the ‘keep’ pile. The idea knocking around my head is I could strip down to just that and a couple of other things, and do the rest in software as I kindof want to get back into DSP programming… maybe.

But then things go “If I keep Monomachine, I should keep Machinedrum. And Octatrack really helps tie the room together. And I should give the A4 and Digitone more chances. And this other thing… And this other thing… And this other thing…” and then I keep it all. :tongue:

But if I really do end up stripping it down to only one, it’ll be Monomachine. So many synthesis options, and it keeps them fun.


Whoa! That’s quite the dilemma! I’m following each argument down and think to myself- “of course- naturally”

What made my decision “easy” was wanting to keep things computer focused, so as much as I loved the MDUW- it had to go- similar to the OT and MnM(though- that decision was made prior to my computer focus, but that would be the case today)- still love the MDUW, though- despite us being parted…


Had a mono once but didn’t have the time to explore as needed. Only way I could afford one would be a trade against my mduw. But the MD is along other stuff my sampling input for the rytm mk1 :frowning: so I won’t let it go.
Would love to be forced to just use one machine, I.e. the mono!!



exactly how my brain works


Maybe I’m quite old-fashioned, but I see no reason to sell any of my OTB ever. My very first synth I bought 30 years ago is still with me. There are years where I completely ignore it and there are again phases where I use it daily - it doesn’t matter - but whenever I turn it on it is there and present and full of wonders like on the day I got it.

That’s almost the most important aspect of OTB stuff for me: it doesn’t really age, because it’s a complete, fixed package.

Computers on the other hand age badly until you disconnect them completely and never change anything on them (but as software developer I cannot resist to change computers - show me one and I need to optimize it ;).


Nice thread. I bought a MM mk2+ on last week and after reading you I can’t wait any longer to receive it!


Which sounds better, more meaty and thick?


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Man, I’ve been in kind of a musical rut but this thread got me all fired up for some Monomachine action!

Great tip from @Kaufman on the SHIFT+YES machine change. And reading the Monomachine Love thread reminded me how much dormant material I’ve got laying on various +Drive snapshots - time to go for a stroll down memory lane and resurrect some old jams!


i fear the digitone is a toy compairing to the Monomachine






Certainly not.


Might as well…

That’s a big ol’ nope good buddy, over…

Edit: Or if the DN is a toy, the MnM is 6 little toys out of the 50 cent bins by proxy. I don’t like that though, so let’s just say neither are toys.

Or we could say both are the best kind of toys.


Edit: (that wasn’t to say that the MnM’s synths are cheap, just a comparison between one specialized box, and one that does several things though maybe not as in-depth for each one)


If you’ve gotten to know the Digitone, and you end up disliking it for whatever reasons, that’s fine. I may personally question your taste in things, but I’m just some dude you don’t know, so who cares?

But if you’re trying to play some sort of “my gear can beat up your gear” game, I ain’t got time for that. It’s just a tool for you to create your music on. If you’re incapable of creating anything interesting with a tool, that’s not something to be impressed about imo.


Considering MDMnM also posted something implying that the mk1 monomachine is superior to the mk2, at the same time in another thread, I think it may be a case of gear envy :stuck_out_tongue:




Okay. then i believe it


I just tried to blow away the bug on your avatar, dang thats trippy!


Got me too, I touched the screen when I first saw it and tried to push it off… :joy: