Monomachine transport buttons stopped working

The transport button seems to stop working after a few moments of having the machine on. Anyone else have this issue?

mm…is the MM connected to other devices/DAW?

Common symptom of solder joint gone bad. If so, could be an easy fix.

A few more details about the above for the fellow Naut who PM’d.

Disclaimer - I have never done this specifically for the mono. This is just the general approach.

Unplug the mono.
Carefully disassemble taking lots of photos.
Keep screws organized and preferably labeled.
Identify possible bad solder joints and retouch them.

More info: If the Transport button is not working after a few minutes, it could be a solder joint failure. The heat from the power supply could be causing thermal expansion somewhere. This could make the solder joint “work” for a little while and then fail after things heat up and expand.

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