Monomachine stopped sounding suddenly!

In the middle of playing, the sound from my Mono just started to fade out, and after one second it went silent. This has happened 2 times before, but the previous times after a while, to sound has returned.

This time, no sound comes out from any output. I have done “everything” I can think off: resets, checked sound routings, read manual up and down. I havent hit it or dropped the instrument, just taken really good care of it, it has literally been standing on a table the whole time.

Has anyone experienced something similar?
On which level could the problem be?
Would appreciate a general brainstorming of what possibly could be wrong / could be done…

Typically issues with the older boxes happen when the internal connections have oxidised or become loose. You can usually fix them by opening up the unit and reseating the ribbon cables.


Thanks so much for your message estragon. Would you say this is somethng safe to do yourself or better for me to do it with a professional?

Reseating the ribbons is safe to DIY. Still, take the power cord off just in case.


Very good to know

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