Monomachine sk6 repairs

So I’ve come across a beat up monomachine sk6, it is missing a few keys and has 1 bad output but other than that it works. Trying to figure out if the keys are something generic I could buy or if I would have to get more creative with repairs.

I’d get in touch with the mothership. Pretty sure they have some spare parts for you.

I’m in the same boat as you, I’ve contacted Elektron and they said they were going to ask around to see if they had some old stock still kicking around, haven’t heard back.

I sent in another ticket, asking about the switches again. Any know if electrons service ticket system has changed? I swear I could see my open tickets before, check the message history etc.

I found that most of loose switches could be fixed with some crazy glue. But one switch I pulled the contact right out of it! Dang, so I really do need at least one now.