Monomachine: Simple Pattern With Sine and Noise Synthesis [video]

This demo explores basic percussion synthesis using the Elektron Monomachine sine wave and noise generators - like the Machinedrum, I’ve found it very helpful to focus primarily on the simplest sound generators of the Monomachine while I learn about the fundamentals of its voice architecture and FX.

0:00 alt footage excerpts
0:18 abstract
1:10 sine pitch envelope
1:40 sine amplitude envelope and headroom
2:09 sine distortion envelope
3:06 sine filter and filter envelope
5:36 re-visiting headroom and amplitude envelope
6:41 sine 1-band EQ
8:04 sine delay and trigger pattern change
9:25 noise machine
10:04 noise stereo width modulation
10:42 noise decay modulation
11:08 noise delay
11:34 noise 1-band EQ modulation
12:03 reverb machine
13:20 reverb mangling
14:38 reverb 1-band EQ
16:25 flanger machine
18:29 flanger delay modulation
19:44 flanger feedback modulation
21:01 flanger filtering
22:11 muting
23:12 reverb panning modulation
24:16 muting
25:20 re-visiting sine and noise modulations
26:22 flanger filtering
26:43 flanger delay LFO to square
27:38 muting


Nice one.

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