MonoMachine SFX6 (Ground?) Noise - Help!

Hello! I picked up a second hand SFX6 last December and it’s been incredibly, but an issue that seems to have gotten progressively worse is noise. It’s quite louder than normal ground hiss and it’s gotten to the point where I can no longer record, no matter how I set up my interface or pre-amps, or cables. The signal drops out occasionally (always very briefly, like at the beginning of the Noise Audio) and the machine will then play a lovely clean sound, but I can’t even gate out the issue of how audible the sound is. I’m using a polarized protected power socket, shielded grounded cables, everything into one outlet. I’m not getting anything similar from my my other synthesizers. The problem is with all 6 outputs on the SFX6.

If anyone knows the issue & how to fix it, or a relatively cheap place around Berlin, Germany to fix this problem PLEASE let me know. Elektron was not able to offer any support.

Here’s a link that demonstrates the noise alone, as well as a clip I’ve recorded masking the noise the best I can with virtual pre-amp settings.

Monomachine Noise Problem Recordings

What did Elektron Support say? They are always helpful.
Standard tip for servicing is to open and check connectors, clean oxidized pins, look for little damages, cracklings on the board.