Monomachine screen overlay

Hi folks,

I’ve got small crack on the faceplate screen overlay. It is annoying a bit. Therefore I want to ask if there is a possibility to get one somewhere? I mean this mostly black part, that covers screen and pots.

Any help much appreciated.

if anyone will have it, it’s elektron, ebay, or maybe reverb once in a long while.

if there is structural issues I can recommend a good product to repair the crack, but as far as cosmetic issues it is unlikely to do anything to ease your concerns.

Elektron care had some parts as recently as a couple years ago, they just no longer support mnm or md service. You can email them by starting a ticket on

or you could get a full custom plate from Audio Parasites they have a few in stock of custom, but it’s the full face in custom color, not the factory one

MachineDrum Custom Panels (Black & Gold LTD 2023 Edition) - Elektron Gear / Machinedrum - Elektronauts

I also saw this matte screen protector, maybe removing the gloss (while protecting the screen) can help you to not notice the crack so much.

priced at about $15 including the shipping cost.

Thanks for the advice. Now I’m awaiting replacement part from Elektron. Just for curiosity or the future, what is that product for crack repairment?

I use a product called Scigrip # 16 it’s a clear medium bodied liquid in a tube that chemically bonds acrylic, polycarbonate, PVC, ABS and other plastics. You could call it an adhesive but it’s actually a solvent so it’s sort of like plastic welding with no heat. used sparingly it has excellent results and is very strong. Can probably see some videos on youtube if you search the name.

Glad you were able to replace through Elektron though.