Monomachine poly mode

I don’t own a monomachine, but I am looking to buy one in he next month or so. I read the manual for the monomachine’s polymode; did I understand it correctly then that when the MnM enters poly mode on one track, all other tracks are unusable, it essentially becomes a 6 note polyphonic synth?

Does the DIGIPRO ENSEMBLE “DPRO-DENS” and SUPERWAVE ENSEMBLE “SWAVE-ENS” give 4 note chords based on intervals that are created offsetting each osc from the fundamental/root tone? Does the MnM then intelligently play chords or does it keep the same intervals regardless of the root note that’s played?

Does the monomachine have musical scale and chord type awareness, like the digitone? I only saw a reference to Min and Maj.

I know it’s an old(er) machine, but I like how it sounds and it’s unique multiple synth layout.

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Regarding the first question: yes. The Mnm turns then into a monotimbral 6 Note polyphonic synth. But you can sequence polyphonic too. And when you Switch Back into default Mode, it keeps The sequence and chords you played. Beware of voice stealing though.

Regarding Question 2: It keeps the Intervall unintelligently, iirc.

Regarding Question 3: Unfortunately No expanded scale and chord awareness. The DN shines here much more.


The latter. You’re programming pitches above the note you’re playing… So if you program a C chord (+4, +7, and you play a C note), then play a C chord, each individual note is going to have a +4, +7 over it. Have fun with your polychords, Stravinsky :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yes you can set the key signature I believe… Idk if you can set the scale. I’m not at it and won’t be for a week so I can’t check.

BTW I put my MnM in poly mode all the time and love it. Really great as a standalone polysynth

I have a difficult relation with my MM. Have had it for about 10 years and it s been push and pull in many cycles. Can t bring myself to ditch this unique beauty though. I never really dug into poly mode. Will be next thing to try when i ll decide to give a go at integrating it in my current setup.

So can each step of a pattern then have a different interval setting essentially giving me different 4 note chords (standard mode not polymode) per step using parameter locks for each “part-2-4” of a DPRO-ENS machine?
I guess what I am looking for is to be able to freely play 7ths by just manipulating the parameters of the DPRO/DIGI-ENS osc parts.

Yes, you can parameter lock all the different interval tunings per step.


Note that you can use custom waveforms that are chords already :slight_smile:

I usually plug a good quality FX stompbox on EF outs, some sounds that would seem a bit cheesy benefit a lot from this… Just saying :slight_smile:

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The default empty kit SIN machine in poly mode, through an external reverb, sounds really nice.


Also remember you can trig tracks off each other, so for the price of two tracks you can have a second voice e.g. pitched an octave lower, or a fifth higher, or just detuned slightly, to beef out a sound.


A resounding Yes!

Skip around if you want. As I say, this is how you turn your monomachine into a poly monomachine :stuck_out_tongue:


This is exactly what I was looking for!!

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How heavy are the Digipro’s Machine’s kicks

nevermind - I found the answer… this machine is incredible.


I’m a big fan of the bbox machine. It’s awfully lofi and downsampled, leading to a rather charming effect.

But it’s oddly flexible. The kick, snares and snaps are some of my favorite drum samples. Combine the drum with arps and their fx and also combining them with neighbor tracks (white noise, sub bass) and you’re cooking

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The g#7 on the bbox machine is one of my favorite hi hats of all time.

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Bbox machine is so good that sometimes i ask myself if i need MD at all (now that I have OT :slight_smile: ).



hey peeps,

can i sequence chords in polymode? And if so, how? i can play chords with the trigkeys, but when live recording, there is just one note per step. Adding notes to a existing note/step in the sequencer doesn’t work either. Can’t find anything regarding this issue in the manual as well…

Use live mode recording in poly mode. I don’t think mnm is 1 note per step in poly mode. Page 57 of the manual I think.


See GRID RECORDING on pages 48-49 of the manual, and LIVE RECORDING on pages 49-50 (as stated above by @Cosmic; page 49 is the 57th page of the PDF version).
And page 69; make sure that you entered your chords in the active track.