Monomachine Love Thread


Yeah I find I often have to just go where it takes me, rather than having a specific sound in mind and creating it exactly as I imagined… That’s still kinda great though :smiley:


The integrated p-locked step sequencer is the magic sauce.


LFOs…the LFOs!


Yeah none of my Monomachine sound design is complete without at least one HOLD LFO…


You can trigger only the LFOs which I’ve never remembered to try


Every time I sit down with this beautiful, beautiful synth I’m just flabbergasted at the weird shit you can coax out of it. I’ve tried quite a few synths in my time, and I always try to push them to their very edges and nothing ever even comes close to this one. Man. Ridiculous! So many cool parameters to modulate, and the LFO’s are so excellent, and the selection of odd synth-engines. Damn.

Imagine a Monomachine MK2 with lots of new synth types, even more LFO’s and parameters to fuck with. Goddamn.


very new to my MNM but have already coaxed a lot of exciting textures and sounds out of it, and I’m especially amazed by its abilities for audio processing - I can see many of my patches ending up as 1-3 synths and the rest is processing and FX. It encourages very similar approaches to the ones I like to use when designing sounds on my modular that don’t use sampling or re-sampling

compared to MD and OT so far I’m a bit less inclined to use it for full tracks on its own though, depending on style - so far my inclination is more to use it to make one or two awesome sounds or a big texture/soundscape, although it is unique and fascinating approached as a traditional groovebox… perhaps my sentiments will change over time

edit: OH! and negative distortion values are amazing, that level of control on the headroom is :content:


I sold my first :elmm: and then missed it so much that I bought another. So this definitely applies! :+1:


back in the game! next time i need a break i’ll definitely just put it the closet for few weeks instead of selling




I miss it so much I’m on the hunt for another one. All I can find are the sfx-6’s for sale.


I pulled some great harsh noise stuff out of MnM

I was just about to ask if anyone had tried this! Do you have any clips of what you made?


The only clear clip I have is this early experiment. It’s a short clip.

I’ve built on that into something a bigger and more chaotic. If I finish getting my studio set back up this week, I’ll try to record the more finished product. There’s a synth-open-mic night this weekend and I’m thinking of bring some Monomachine noise to it.


Some good sounds, thanks for sharing.
Once I get my head round MnM I’m keen to explore this area. MnM can do nearly everything it seems so no reason why not noise also!


Mono :cupid:


HA! Exactly what happened to my MD. Always new we were meant to be.