Monomachine Love Thread


Oh boy.

Where have you been.


Any chance to see this revived as well?


need to get a mono. I put expansion ports on the MegaCommand board which could be used to add additional buttons, sliders, joystick etc…

slick tunes from Wesen. never saw this one!


From the little research I made, I’m not even sure it was actually ever released


Living life since 2016, when the thread started, Ha.
Seems simpler to buy a new otmk2!
Good luck with it though, mate



Yes, you should really get a Monomachine :wink:

If you are intrested, i got one of the Ruin&Wesen Monojoystick Prototypes, pretty raw build quality, in german we call it “Lochrasterplatine”. Something is wrong with it.

Or do you have some of the documentery from Ruin&Wesen?

I can send you my Monomachine for some time, i think you get fixed pretty fast.

Do it! MegaMonoJoyCommand! Long live the silver boxes!


This device would really fill many gaps in the MnM functionalities



Bought! Already had the first compilation. Really enjoy these, thanks for the tip.


i love you monomachine


Apparently we’re not alone on this.




hey jshell and thanks for reminding us the power of the monomachine .
yeah you are right : the MAP EDITOR is just a very powerful feature and I think a very few people are using it .
my monomachine is also linked with an Octatrack and I have experiment controlling the pattern with an octatrack midi track , controlling the MAP EDITOR midi channel of the mono and yes , you can make crazy stuff with this stuff ; mostly it is very convinient to make the monomachine sequencer less static . great !
I have a question regarding this function : when you change pattern thanks to MIDI notes , it is restarting the pattern at the beginning , even if you send a note let ‘s say at step 6 , it will start the pattern at step one and not step 6 . is it possible to trigger patterns in this way ?


for those who missed it, here’s the new version of the MM randomizer :slight_smile:


Just played a synth “open mic” night with just the Monomachine and analog heat, doing a single 10-15 minute song. The crowd really enjoyed it.


MonoMachine :clap: needs :clap: to :clap: be :clap: in :clap: production :clap: again


Was this said in a sassy manner with handclaps to accent each word?? If so, love it.

Also monomachine2. Or polymachine where each track can now be polyphonic more like digitone but with updated MnM machines


I’ve had my MonoMachine since 2009 and its been equal parts frustrating and brilliant. I cannot part with it. I reckon we need to storm the Elektron headquarters and make them reissue the Mono.


Frustrating?! How so?


It takes a lot to massage the sound and often it just doesn’t get near what I had in mind. A Virus I can get the sound in minutes. The MonoMachine, nope. And then I’ll get something glorious when I wasn’t expecting it. I am working on dubbed out techno chords and getting really good results at the moment. It’s random though, I’ll go for a long period without being satified with the results.