Monomachine keys SFX-6 resell value?

Hi all
I used to be in this forum years ago, great to see it’s still alive and well!

I’m thinking of selling my SFX-6. I’m the original owner and still have box.

No problems with encoders or anything else. It’s sat in a studio since new and looks immaculate. I’m not using it much these days and could use the cash to buy something else.

Couldn’t see another on eBay so asking you good peoples for advice on how much they’re worth these days. Be sad to see it go as it’s been great fun and looks stunning, but if it’s sought after and of course pretty rare, she might have to.

Thanks all, D

the ones that have been sitting around unsold on ebay forever are asking 1500-1700usd, i sold mine in early 2019 for $1350 within a few hours


I had mine up for £750 a year or so back - seems ridiculous that it didn’t sell but fortunately I still have the beauty! 15 years and counting…


If you change your mind I would be super happy to get the tIB’s SFX6 !!!

Please be mindful that this topic can’t quietly merge into a marketplace opportunity. We have a restricted access marketplace which people progressively gain access to. It’s fine to pose the specific question you have, but we can’t have a backdoor marketplace flourish to bypass the restrictions just in case this wasn’t evident, not that i am suggesting that is what was intended :thup:


IIRC correctly I sold mine for £1100 about 3-4 years ago, but it had a brand new screen fitted and the internal power supply had been replaced with an external one to get rid of the annoying transformer hum.

I have seen them go for as much as £1300 before, which is basically what they cost new, I think they are probably only going to appreciate in value as they are kind of an oddball and only 500 exist.

Have you tried searching “sold” or “completed” listings?

Here’s a whole mess of them on Reverb

and eBay:

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Ha, no longer for sale thanks - it was one of those need money quick affairs that I eventually managed to ride out. The MDUW and SFX6 no longer get looked at when I need to sell - they’re my long term lovers!


I know that there’s been a few on eBay for $1500+ for over a year, and Big City Music in LA has one for $1600 (I think) that they’ve had up for sale for even longer. so… that’s too much. I think 1300ish is more reasonable.


Thank you all for comments. It fits so well on top of my Omni 2 but it’s an expensive ornament and I’d rather someone was using it.

Never sold on Reverb, anyone sell on there and recommend it over eBay?


Fees on Reverb are lower.

I prefer it over ebay. The things I list sell relatively quick.
The sell and ship interface is pretty smooth as well. Like eBay, they can give you a discount on shipping costs.

I’ll never sell on ebay again. No protection for sellers while for approx 1% extra reverbs “seller protection” or whatever they call it worked quite well when I had to use it.


Those mixers are gorgeous :dizzy_face:

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Yes. Much better experience and they take a more reasonable fee.

I got them from Japan, sound great and good for comping drum machine outputs. Add nice grit when driven hard too. :+1:t2:

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Reverb is the way forward. You can put ‘accept offers’ on too. And you can send back counter offers if some joker comes in super low. It’s a great service!


Little known fact:

If you’re not interested in receiving offers, and note in your listing that the item is “the lowest price on Reverb” and “price is firm” but also “priced to sell”, AND turn off the site feature that permits people to make offers, THEY WILL STILL PM YOU WITH LOWBALL OFFERS.


Haha, very true. Always with a sob story too :cry:

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So, did you decide to sell it? Looks immaculate from what I can see in the image

Not yet but I’ll take the advice and go with Reverb. Yeah it’s pretty much immaculate. Sat on top of the Omni for years with a dust cover when not in use.

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