Monomachine: Gratitude

Thought to sound, without barrier
From another room, implied melodies
We were never apart
Thank you
For letting me bathe
In your stillness

sweet :slight_smile:

After an outer orbit of 4 years,
the Monomachine is making its way back into the fold, and bringing with it a friend called BigSky.

I look forward to welcoming them both in a few days time.

Meanwhile, your poetic offering has quietly warmed my enthusiasm for coming back to the Mono.



Late chime in, great poem.

My MnM hasn’t been touched for solid three years.
Now I lie next so my sleeping wife with the mono on my laps diving in untouched (at least by me) sonic territories.

Just wow.

I thought about parting to finance other stuff. Not going to happen.

What a capable, harsh digital and still lovely sounding synth it is. Going back into the rabbit hole now.