Monomachine gate stays high

monomachine gate stays high…

I dont get it. what am I doing wrong. note length set to 1/32, no CCs assigned, yet gate stays high, and I KNOW it has to be user error.

NOTE: only happening thru VCV MIDI, just tried FH-2 directly. that’s fine. so…wtf is up with VCV. I cant find a way to delay the gate in FH-2 config, thats why im trying to use VCV, I can delay the gate by a few milliseconds. needs to do that so the correct sample plays in my rack.
its still gotta be user error

so…in case someone has the same issue…I dont know why it was doing wast it was doing, but in desperation I right clicked on the MIDI-CV module in VCV and chose PANIC…that fixed it.

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