Mojave 10.14.3 - Overbridge 2.0 Support?

After upgrading to 10.14.3 due to my Yosimite version not being compatible with Overbridge 2.0… I’m unable to see my A4 or RYTM at all, via Overbridge or as midi controllers. I can see the devices as USB in the Mac System Info. I did upgrade to the beta firmware on both devices. I attempted to roll back to Overbridge 1.15, but this isn’t showing the devices either. I suspect i need to roll back the firmware. I suppose I can do this via c6 via Midi as I cant see the devices as USB Midi any longer. Please advise

Ok… so the new firmware does not show the devices as USB midi devices when they are set as USB Config -> Overbridge… I moved them to USB MIdi Only and now I can see them. This used to function differently with prior firmware versions. In any case… Still no luck with Overbridge 2.0, but I’m not dead in the water. So thats good.

did you solve problem ?

Maybe just install newest Overbridge beta 2.0.11? Mine is working on Mojave … somehow.

yes it did… sorry for the late reply

I always thought Mojave sounded a bit rude. Like, show us your Mojave!

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