MODOR NF-1m - mini Digital Synth


Software editor now available from Modor. For macOS currently, Windows and Linux listed as ‘coming soon’.


I just published my first synth how-to video about sound editing on the NF-1m and how its compact interface works. In summary - it’s not too different from working on an Elektron box, except most of the knobs are pots instead of endless encoders.

The video also shows the shortcut that was added in OS003 of the NF-1m that allows you to edit the FM Carrier and Modulator values without having to dig into the menu system.

Modor NF-1

I’m considering adding one of these for a live set up but I’m split between the Modor NF-1m and a Micromonsta. I have a Novation Peak and DX11 in the studio (which I don’t want to take out live) so I’m trying to figure out which one brings more to the table considering the other polys I have. I was thinking that the Micromonsta might too similar to the Peak but it’s also several hundred dollars cheaper than the Modor. Thoughts?


those of you who are sending program/bank changes to the NF-1m with the DT, are you experiencing a behavior where you’re only able to scroll through odd numbered / even numbered program changes?

it’s kinda making this a deal breaker as it’s essential for me to change program changes in a straightforward manner…like, i don’t wanna have to scroll through half of the presets to get just to get to a preset that’s directly after the one i’m on.

anyhoo, lemme know if you’re experiencing that same, cheers.


and i’ve since isolated the issue to the kenton merge 4…it’s only the nf-1m that’s responding this way, all of my other devices are responding to program changes just fine when they flow through the merge-4.

if anyone has these two pieces of gear, would love to hear someone else’s experience.