Modern digital drum synthesis machines


Apart from the machinedrum, are there any digital drum machines that have per step automation (parameter locks)? Perhaps we could use this thread to create a list of currently available digital drum machines


FM is great for drums , so the Digitone is very capable for this . I use it nearly exclusively as a percussion machine .


LXR from Sonic Potions


Volca Drum does this I think?


I second the Digitone being a solid digital drum machine. Love doing short release for closed hihats and throwing random plocks to increase release for open hihats. Kicks can get boomy also. The Arp helps to make great rhythms for percussion.


Volca drum does


Elastic drums for IOS has many synth types and is kinda like an MD. I really fuck with the FM implementation and it works really well for percussion sounds.


I’ll third the Digitone. Start with the preset sounds and make some patterns, then tweak the presets and make more. I could spend days making only drum patterns with Digitone. If you’re not limiting to digital, The Arturia Drumbrute Impact really looks like a lot of fun for not a lot of cash.


Any examples of the digitone being used for drums and percussion?


doesn’t have a sequencer but I’ve been getting more curious about the nord drum these days, could just sequence with an Elektron and the newest version with the pads actually seems pretty appealing to me - would be nice change of pace to be able to play synth drums with actual sticks sometimes

(I’d also say that arguably the Monomachine is superior to the Machinedrum for percussive sound design)



I’m getting Aphex Twin’s “Start as You Mean to Go On” vibes here. Those clangorous fm percs are nice