Modelling authentic piano sound on a4?

Hej folks!

I’ve been tryin’ to model a piano sound on the A4… It sounds pretty crappy…

Has anybody else here tried to synthesize a piano on the A4? I could always use my nord lead, but I am trying to build a track that uses Piano on the A4 and I’d love to have the whole track goin on in one box…

I am pretty much of a noob when it comes to the A4… I’ve had it for a few days but haven’t gotten a broad grip of it yet. So if anyone could give me some pointers that would be awesome!

Have a nice weekend!

Have you read those? :slight_smile:

uuuh… nice… no i havent!.. big thanx!

Holy smoke!

63 parts article! What a gem, thanks alot for the heads up!!!


One of the best “how to learn synthesis” reads ever. But those four parts are dedicated to creating piano sounds using synths. :slight_smile:


Can you (or anyone else) share patch with us? Or a sample?
Is this a goal worth pursuing?
Thanks :slight_smile:

I’ve got a few patches somwhere that come pretty close, the moment I find them I’l write all settings down here. Could take a while tho ( as I haven’t saved… and don’t expect a full-range Steinway… it’s more " Pianoish… " :joy:
I haven’t saved it on the + Drive so itt’ll take a while to find, but I was planning to post it anyhow, but I could’t find this post anymore.

Way cool! Thanks! I can hardly wait :slight_smile:


Have’t found it yet - so many projects to delve into… tried yesterday to create from scrach but :disappointed:
It where a few notes in a song ( high register ), but i keep on surching and keep on trying to start from scratch too .> a challenge !!!
Wish me luck ! :slight_smile:

wish u luck

you can downlad a piano patch here (for os 1.22):

:+1: Oef! Now it weights a little less , gonna continue my search :joy:

wish u luck[/quote]
Same here, wish you luck!

makes for an EXCELLENT monomachine sound when played -2 or -3 octave… especially with arpegiator … but also kind of beethovish in the upper octaves … good gob tetra!

I made a pretty good tremolo overdrive Rhodes patch…

Thanks TrabanT. the patch can be improved by putting a decay to the sustain level of the amp envelope (with another envelope). I’m working on that.

Until now > electric pianos - one variation after another :slight_smile: , but a more or less acoustic ??? stil didn’t get there … I keep trying tho … I still didn’t find my old pach :disappointed:

Cool :slight_smile:
Care to share it?

Anyone with a piano patch to share?