Model:Samples +?

I have been playing with M:S this last months, since December. This is my first and only gear. My birthday is coming in a few weeks, and I am thinking about getting some new stuff :blush:

I could improve everything in my ‘setup’, as it’s really basic. M:S is connected as input in my computer soundcard, and I have one old Pioneer amplifier and 2 big speakers as output for computer

I am not really happy with the sound in my room, although I must say I was really happy with it (same gear) in the flat I lived before. The flat where I live now has high ceiling, one wall in my room is near 100% crystal… I have zero knowledge about acoustic, but I suppose they are not the most proper conditions

This is not really a heavy problem, cause I normally play M:S with headphones (I have some Sennheiser, which I really love)

So, question would be :slight_smile:
Considering a limited budget (no more than 500€), what would you buy first? Some new toy? Or maybe a better sound system for the room?

This is one example of the kind of sound / music I have been doing

And this an example of the sound I would love to achieve (I know, lots of gear / work there… It’s just a reference for the kind of music I would love to be able to do)

Having just a M:S I think a new toy to play some bass / synths would fit great… Model:Cycles would be one option, but I would like to hear what do you think about. What would you do?

Be safe :slight_smile:

do you play piano/synth ?
If you play (or want to learn to play) keyboard, take a look at the minilog for example.

If you don’t, trust your hears first : what sound do you love ?
Maybe an analog synth is what you are looking for (it’s my feeling watching your videos but it’s just an idea).
Is there one specific sound you love, go for it ! (If it was acid, I’d say go for a Behringer TD-3 for example).
If don’t really know, you could start with a UNO synth.

I love my Model:Cycles, if you like the sounds and if you love the workflow of the Model:Samples, it’s a good option. Do you want a same box with a different sound ? (For me it’s really good but I don’t really love/need analog synths.)

About the sound in your room, I don’t have knowledge to help you, maybe here or there (just some internet results).

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Digitone. BEST Synth.


…cycles is basslines, tonal percusiveness and chords…
but worx for u only if u have another two inputs on ur interface…

if u got 500 bux as a fixed budget check for little digital mixers that can work as interfaces…
so cycles and that can be good expansion for futher expansions…

new monitoring might be a good thing…but keep that for later…500 bux can’t be spended for proper speakers…if u go cheap there in first place, u’ll end up more expensive…

so give that plan some more time…


I don’t play piano… I’ll give a look at some UNO synth videos & see, thanks for the answer :wink:
The Model:Cycles is another option, yeah… What I am not sure with it, used to load new samples constantly in M:S, is the chance to get sounds outside default, I don’t think it is possible unless some firmware updates or something like that, am I right?

Sure it is, I wouldn’t thought about it cause the budget, but one positive point of this lockdown thing is making life kindly cheaper (for me, at least), so… who knows :slight_smile:

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Another vote for the M:C mmmm :slight_smile:

Digitone, not only because it’s amazing, but also because you can put the M:S outs into the DN ins and use the additional DN FX on your M:S. Semi portable too if you want to take that combo to the couch without needing a computer or mixer :wink:

Edit: Second hand prices should be in the 500ish range if you hunt around.


If you like digitone sounds, you won’t need any other synthesizer. It was my first Elektron and it has been the best musical purchase along with my guitar that I have made in my life. If you can wait and save a little more money and take the digitone, I think you will not regret it :grinning:


Could you tell us what you seek to accomplish?

A) Finished tracks?
B) Prepare a live set?
C) Just jamming and having fun?

If A) I’d say get some room treatment and improve your monitoring. A pair of JBL LSR305p MK2 will run you €200-ish if buying b-stock/refurb. They sound great in a treated room. That leaves the rest of your budget for absorption and diffusion. More gear is pointless if you can’t hear what you’re doing properly, and good treatment will make you appreciate the sound of even the simplest gear. And if you want to release tracks to labels, good mixes will be more important than more sound source options (the computer goes a long way here).

If B) I’d save a little bit more money and get an OT MK1. As you can certainly string together a live set with MS + OT and nothing else.

If C) I’d add a fun used synth with its own sequencer. A4 MK1 or Digitone. A4 if you’d like to be able use song mode, which you could achieve by slaving the MS to A4’s MIDI program changes.


In my youtube channel, and I hope I’m not spamming :hushed:, I have a few videos made with digitone and model samples together. They are the videos that are recorded with a retro camera. I’m not a very good musician, but maybe you can get an idea of ​​how they sound together. Sorry for the english!!

Look for Bob Oscuro on youtube. Maybe it helps you decide. :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:


Uhhh… We have a draw now :smiley:

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I think this option would fit best
Thanks man :+1:t3:


Sure I will check :ok_hand:t3:


Seems like nearly everyone is suggesting other Elektron gear, which makes sense since this is the Elektron forums. I’m going to go a different direction.

If you like the style, treat yourself to an overlay, they really make the Model Samples easier to use and they look great:
You can also swap out the knobs if you want, but personally I like the stock knobs.

As for room treatment, I would start by experimenting with hanging blankets, perhaps on something that you can move around like a laundry drying rack. See if you can get your room to sound better. If so, then you might want to invest in acoustic foam or something (it is pretty cheap on ebay). But you’ll need to experiment first to see what works before you know what to buy. Don’t buy new speakers before addressing the room acoustics.

Based on the youtube videos you posted (and I like your track, BTW!), you clearly have a love for the almighty kick drum. Therefore I recommend a Volca Kick. It is inexpensive, can be easily sequenced from the M:S via MIDI, and it gives you an analog sound that you don’t already have with the M:S. You can also layer on a kick sample from the M:S to make very custom and interesting kicks. Watch some youtube videos on the Volca Kick, and you’ll also find folks that use it for crazy lead lines and such, it can do much more than just kick sounds. Volca Keys is another good analog one, for leads and bass.

I also highly recommend the KORG NTS-1. Again, you can easily sequence it from the M:S (with a standard TRS audio cable, no MIDI cable needed). The NTS-1 can do bass, leads, and arps. It is monophonic, and USB powered. It also has excellent effects, and you can pass the audio from the Model Samples (or another synth or a mixer) through the NTS-1, same as a guitar pedal. The reverb and delay on the M:S are pretty good, but the effects on the NTS-1 are downright excellent. Then you get into the LogueSDK stuff, such as these free effects and oscillators, and it really is a whole new world of awesome.

BTW, you can split the MIDI OUT port from the M:S to two synths using a stereo audio Y splitter, which is very cheap. I’ve read that this isn’t officially supported in the MIDI standard, but it works well for me.

Happy birthday!


Thanks for the alternative… I will check some videos & see :wink:

By the way… I am curious why you recommend the Kick and not the Bass one

I think both Volca Bass and Kick are good, and if the Bass speaks to you more, go for it. I just recommended the Kick because I’ve seen it used in a lot of different ways, so it seems very versatile to me. I don’t own either, I’ve just watched lots of videos on them.

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What about the Moog Minitaur ?

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Minitaur has interested me for a while. I must’ve watched near enough every video review on it. Fantastic piece of kit from what I can tell. Moog always produce quality kit that will last a long time. If you’re after seriously phat, creamy bass, go for one, @TheOfiS!

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mmmm checked some videos today… I think I am starting to have a winner there

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