Model:Samples or Digitakt as a companion drum machine?


Hi ! I’ve been using an Octatrack for the last 5 months, mostly to get rid of the computer (spending my day on computers already). I like it a lot, it’s so immersive and surprising every time you start it :nerd_face:.

For now, paired with a Digitone, I’m mostly using it as a one-shots drum machine (3-4 tracks) with some additional vocal samples / phrases (1-2 more tracks).
Still I feel it’s a bit “complex” or under-used this way. I’d rather use it for “long” samples (pads / textures / vocals slices / live resampling) only and have a dedicated drum machine to work with.

Digitakt and Model:Samples are on my list (I really enjoy the Elektron sequencer and I’d like to keep working with it anyway) but I’m still unable to decide between one of them.

Given the setup (Digitone + Octatrack), I was wondering which one you would choose and why ?


I never tried the Mode:Samples, but I do have a Digitakt since more than one year and it’s a beutiful machine.
I went the other way around, since few weeks ago I got the Digitone. Having already a big experience with the DT, it took me really a short time to get into the DN. So i would suggest you to go for the DT.

ANd out there, there are few people using this combo.


I had OT + DT, recently changed DT for DN and I’m already thinking about getting DT. I think thats a killer combo.


you mean better than OT + DN ? may I ask why ?


I mean OT+DN+DT :slight_smile: