Model:Samples only music

A little experiment with single cycle waveforms recorded on my phone. I forgot to deselect auto-normalize on audioshare, so it’s not the best representation of its sound.


Hello :wave:t2:

New hip hop inspired track. Really enjoying the Model:Samples and the Streichfett is lush :headphones:


Now !!!It’s short Xxperience is fluid I’m very happy with the result!!!
but length /variation are missing

I hope to have more inspiration
for the introduction of Analog heat
on the next pattern !

A little experiment with chance on every track set to 11%


Hi nice set up I was wondering if the analog heat can apply effects to individual tracks on the modelsamples, rather than apply to all so to speak?

Because the Model:Samples only has Left and Right audio outputs, the only way to do this is to pan some tracks Left and the others Right in the M:S and connect one the outputs to the Analog Heat.

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my debut with model:samples, gonna have lot of funs

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You are right there.

Thank you
The other way would be to take the tracks ,one after the other with the effect.
and transform these_… …_
Then recording them with a recorder to mp3 format and
Then with Converter to import into the M: S.

Brill thanks for your help guys