Model Samples Midi Sync Issue

Hi guys, I’m running into a really annoying issue with my model samples whenever it is clocked to ableton via USB.

It will start producing clicking sounds that aren’t being produced by the model samples sound engine, and the sounds will continue until I unplug the usb cable from the back. Does anyone know what the issue is here? I can’t confidently use it live until I have this sorted.

It also doesn’t happen all the time. It will usually start happening shorty after I start using it. I’ve tried multiple micro-usb cables as well. It’s one of about 5 other devices clocked via usb.


Not sure if this will help, but make sure you match ableton to the 48khz sample rate that MS uses.

It could be a midi feedback loop. Check out the midi preferences in ableton. Or the midi options on the m:s. Ableton should only send out clock to the m:s. And the m:s doesn’t need to send out note and controller data if you only want to sync it to ableton. I had this problem with the Digitakt. The midi data was sent out from the Digitakt into the computer and back into the Digitakt.