Model:Samples midi setup need help

So I am on my second Model:Samples. Traded one for a synth and decided I could not live without one! Ok so my issue. The first one I had I had synced it with Korg Gadget on my ipad no problem. It was great. So I get my second one and now nothing happens. I can see that Gadget is getting midi signal but will not play out with it now. I used to get sync and audio from Gadget back through my Samples, and it was great! I am almost sure its my own fault and I must have messed up my midi settings. I do not fully get what I should have where on those settings. If someone could walk me through a couple scenarios it would be a life saver!! Number one, just wanting to get back in sync with my ipad, what is the best way to do it? Keep using USB or get a midi box? And what should I have set up on Samples to acheive the USB sync. Number two, I plan on getting another Elektron device soon to sync with this. How should I do that, midi box? I really appreciate any help. I feel lost trying to sort it all out and for some reason Elektron will not email me back.

Well the software update for M:S fixed it!!! I assume it was the IOS update that messed it up for a while. Works flawlessly now with my Korg Gadget app. Really is an amazing combo. Thinking about running both through an SP404 next.