Model:Samples MIDI quadra thru power issue?

I’m just wondering if anyone knows if the M:S will be able to power an Analog Solutions MIDI Quadra Thru box? This particular MIDI splitter doesn’t seem to work with a lot of other gear because of the low voltage power issue through the MIDI port.

Will the M:S work with the Quadra Thru…? I just need to make sure before I pull the trigger on one. Thank you all, I’m brand new to the forum and very happy to be here!

Not sure if this helps but from the MIDI Solutions website:

MIDI Solutions MultiVoltage products are compatible with both the original 5V and new 3.3V MIDI specifications

I have a Quadra Thru and it works with my OT DN and TR8S for sure. Uncertain what the voltage output is for this mini jack MIDI ports though.

Edit: This site might also shed some light:

I was thinking that the mini jack style might not provide proper voltage but the above site seems to suggest it does. Depending on if a jack is Type A or Type B mini would determine if the Source that provides the +5V is on the tip or on the ring. A search on the same above site suggests that the M:S can be both A and B. Admittedly, the mini MIDI standard is not something I have exposure to.

Edit 2: From MIDI Solutions site. A list of devices that are rumored to NOT power their devices:

Only Elektron devices on that list are the Machinedrum MK1, Monomachine MK1

Yeah the 3.5 --> regular 5 pin is what concerns me a bit about it’s ability to push enough power to light up the box and keep it ticking. That damn 3.5 MIDI dongle is probably the main reason I’m trying to figure this out.
I’m going to check out the site. In the meantime I’m hoping someone on here has an M:S connected to some sort of quad splitter or something, that way they can at least tell me what they use exactly…

From what I’ve read with the above resources, it would seem that the mini standard does provide 5V on the tip or ring. Even then, the MIDI Solutions MultiVoltage (of which anything you would purchase new would be the new MultiVoltage models) devices do work with the newer 3.3V standard. Apart from someone testing, someone from Elektron (or with a voltmeter I suppose) would have to confirm that.


I definitely appreciate the help everyone! I think I should be okay from what I’ve been reading.

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I have a Model:Cycles and a QuadraThru, I can test it for you today if you like?

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I’d really appreciate that, finalform!

If you mean the midi solutions Quadra thru I just tested it and was not able to get power to the box with the MS

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Ah, I guess there’s your answer.

Yes, sorry, I did mean MIDI solutions (analog solutions, quite the opposite lol)… that’s strange because from other places I’ve read, it seems to not have an issue. But i guess if you tested just now, I’ll go with your answer.

Is yours a newer one that is labelled ‘MultiVoltage’? The MIDI Solutions documentation suggests that the older models of their products may not be able to be powered by anything other than 5V MIDI but the newer models should accept the 3.3V standard

The one that I had just ordered last night was the version 1, I just confirmed that the v2 should accept 3.3V and 5V…

EDIT: Luckily I ordered it through Amazon and was able to put in a return request just now before it has shipped.

I don’t ‘think’ you should have issues as I would find it hard to believe that Elektron would stray from a standardized format like MIDI. I am not even sure that they could in this case as DIN MIDI uses 3 of the 5 pins and the TRS only has 3. One of those contacts has to deliver power according to the MIDI standard.

Regardless, if for some reason it is underpowered, MIDI Solutions details ways of adding power into the series.

Yep I think I should be alright, but if all else fails…

This should have to do the trick :slight_smile:

This is the setup I’ve tested. I didn’t see the light on the quadra box while connected or midi notes sent. It does say multi voltage. I couldn’t power the quadra with the black box either so maybe it’s the 3.5 standard(hopefully not!!)

I’m wondering if it’s that adapter for some reason. There was a site I linked above about mini MIDI and it has a searchable database of TRS MIDI devices. It says the M:S is A or B. I wonder if you have to use a specific format of TRS MIDI to get power to the correct pin on the Quadra Thru. On the Blackbox, are you using that same TRS MIDI cable? If so, is it A or B? Do you have one of each mini type to test perhaps?

It would seem odd that they could make a standardized protocol work when the power contacts aren’t to spec.

@Rooster curious as to your setup as well and wondering if there’s a different approach. The M:S supports USB MIDI. If you have a Raspberry Pi, you can set it up to be a MIDI host/router/hub very easily. If the devices you are trying to distribute MIDI to also have USB MIDI, the rPi would be a more flexible solution. You could also connect say, 3 or 4 USB MIDI devices to the rPi router then use the DIN THRU port of one of those devices to a QuadraThru for the remaining non-USB devices that you want to distribute to. The rPi as a host/router works flawlessly. It is super simple to setup and just works. LIterally plugin power then connect devices. It’s all scripted inside to connect things properly. If you’re interested I can link the site that I downloaded the rPi image from. Dead simple, honestly.

This is actually not a bad idea. Yeah, post the link if you could.

I have some older pieces of gear that would only accept DIN MIDI and not USB unfortunately, but if all else fails I will just think of another type of setup for my MIDI routing.

Here you go:

I didn’t add the little OLED screen on but if you really wanted to it doesn’t look that hard. I literally just flashed that image to a microSD card and powered it up. It’s great because it is also a MIDI host so you can use it to plug in USB MIDI controllers. I use it with my Keystep and my RPL Particle v2. If you want to go into a DIN only device you can get a Roland UM-ONE USB to DIN MIDI adapter. I use it from time to time with my iPad. An rPi and the UM-ONE probably costs as much or less than the Quadra Thru and gives you much more flexibility.

There is a thread on MIDI hosts here somewhere that goes into more detail. If you have any questions it would be best to bump that thread and ask there.


Edit: Roland UM-ONE mk2:

Gosh that is true- didn’t even think about that and it toally skipped my mind ha.

USB --> DIN MIDI --> older gear !!

Ah haaaa!

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