Model:Samples Midi implemantation chart


Hello, I was wondering if the sequencer in the Model:Samples send all the midi informations recorded, including motion sequence, or do the knobs send midi out information? Thanks.


Apparently it can send (turning knobs only I guess) and receive these messages :

Tracks with Midi Out checked send notes only (with velocity). No control changes sequencing.


Thanks! I have actually download the manual now. I thought the midi chart will come at a later date, but I can see from the what you kindly sent me that all the informations are already there, even if a little bit spread all over! I always like the Elektron sequencers, so I’m looking at this unit more as a very well implemented hardware sequencer, more than anything. I think it can also send cv of some sort trough the midi port used without the adaptor. Well I need more informations, but there is time since is not really available yet. Thanks again. :grin:


Thank you for highlighting this in red as a fair warning. :slight_smile:

I thought I might be able to use an M:S for external MIDI sequencing, but nope. It doesn’t meet my particular CC needs. There’s Elektron magic inside, but only in trace elements. Oh well.


so the m:s will send sequenced note and velocity data but not other cc’s.
but it will send other cc’s via the knobs, just not sequenced ,correct?


Velocity is included in a note message. Velocity with 0 value correspond to a note off. Apparently 1 type of midi message : Note On.

As it is possible to filter knobs midi data I guess it is possible to send them.
I suppose midi data is Control Changes.