Model:Samples+keystep=transpose problem

I have an arturia keystep connected to both MS and a proteus 2000 from EMU
When I record notes from the keystep on the MS the notes are correct if I trigger sounds from the M:S
But when i record notes of the proteus 2000 the notes are transposed in the treble on the MS sequencer (not the same height as when I play)
I made all the parameters but could not record the correct note.
do you have an idea ?
Many thanks for your help :pray:

I have the same issue with my Novation midi keyboard and the M:S. Notes play 2 octaves higher on the Novation, so I have to transpose by -2 for it to be unusable. The funny thing is, it doesn’t happen with the Model:Cycles. Notes play where you would expect them to with it. I don’t understand why the two don’t behave the same.

Of course I understand that as a sample player, the M:S doesn’t have a “tuning” the way a piano does (you could load it up with samples in any pitch or note), but it does have a nominal tuning which I have set to the factory default of C5 - which is the same as the M:C.

Thank you phutyle for your comment
So i am not alone
for me with this problem, the midi sequencer is unusable for live performances, it is a big bug.
if I can’t find a solution, I will have to resell it :unamused:

I’m having the same problem with another keyboard, its recording the note values 2 octaves too high. Any fix? thx!

Hello, my guess is that you didn’t set the note of the track to be C3. Its defaulted to C5. There’s your 2 octaves.

This is fixed in OS 1.13

Bug fix:

Notes sent from an external MIDI controller were incorrectly transposed +2 octaves.