Model:Samples Feature Requests Thread

That just controls track swing. Micro timing all the trig’s on a track could be implemented by RETRIG + LEVEL/DATA when in step record mode.


Bumping this, as it’d be nice to have an implementation where it can just put out a straight 16th note pulse for modular / nanoloop, or an 8th note pulse for pocket operators, since it’s already on a 3.5mm jack.

An alternative to chromatic mode - chop mode.
You could take a long sample (eg drum break) and set sample start points for each of the triggers or have it just automatically do 16 equal slices. You could alter the pitch to fit it (obviously time stretch is out of the question).
Manually doing this with P Locks is a bit tedious.

Secondly - being able to preview your P Locks by holding the Trig key and pressing the T1-6 pad. Currently you need to play the sequence through to see if you got your settings right.


-New type of pattern, for retrig function (like rps loops )
In addition to speed, a variant with preprogrammed sentences that will adapt with the speed of time (1/8 …etc)


Alternatively: Assign random sample to track - this way you wouldn’t have to get a whole random kit - just the tracks you choose.

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When is this battery thing coming out?


Battery pack for sure

PLEASE, fix this annoying late pattern change via midi issue all Elektron sequencers are suffering from. Strange, this hasn’t been addressed yet! Makes working with Ableton in a live situation a PITA.

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Please, in the audio engine playback code, perform a tiny (3-5ms) fade-out on the audio stream of a given track when it is retriggered while the sample is still playing. Those non-zero crossing jumps cause very horrible clicks. I’m happy to worry about feeding samples to the MS that have tidy starts from zero crossings, but fading to zero before retriggering a sample needs to happen in the MS software.
It’d be great to have this done for the 8 Octatrack voices too but I guess that’s wishful thinking :frowning:

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Not a fan of the way lfo parameter locks are made. Backing out of the lfo page is a manual process and I usually forget it’s open when applying parameter locks to a step. I’m not sure how to clear lfo locks either so If I accidentally create an lfo lock than I have to delete the trig!
Why not just holding the trig and pressing the lfo menu brings up the lfo only for that trig.

Delay could use negative values for ping pong delay.

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Yup agreed … need this fixed

Would be cool to allow the Headphones Output to be used as a second pair of outputs - with the possibility to assign each pad to a particular out.


Agreed, 4 mono outs using hard pans, wonderful


It’s already been suggested, but as I’m continuing to use the M:S, the usage case for a mobile transfer app becomes clearer and clearer. I love the portability of the device, but as long as it requires a computer connection to add new material it feels strangely tethered and hamstrung.

I’d like to travel, collect found sounds, make some new noises on softsynths etc, then put them into the M:S to play around, but at the moment I’d need to take a laptop to do that, and if I’m taking a laptop already, I’m thinking ‘why bother with the extra bulk when you can use a DAW/app?’

Without the ability to manage samples on the fly with a phone/tablet, the M:S gets stuck in an awkward middle ground where it’s a bit limited for a studio device, but also a bit limited for a portable device.

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This is a good idea - wouldn’t solve tracking individually entirely but would be cool if you could activate it - record and disable it quickly maybe call it mono record mode

or even just 2 stereo outs that are assignable!

C’mon Elektron, make it happen please :slight_smile:

Im not sure if this is already possible but parameter locks for FX (delay/reverb parameters) would be great. I guess it would need an extra FX track for this like on the Analog Rytm.


It would be nice to have the option of recording in “fill mode”, applying second-layered melodies or bass lines etc.
Perhaps even having a “sample lock recording mode”??


Please allow the saving of kits on the unit itself?