Model:Samples Feature Requests Thread

We got the coolest update with sample locks. :cool:

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Would love to

  • Start a new pattern with same samples as the previous one ( like AR, A4 but unfortunately unlike DT/ DN) I improvise a lot and starting back every new pattern with same samples drive me nuts ( same comment for DT and DN)

  • power from USB cable ! I use a usb powered hub as my main power for Model samples but need to use a specific cable ( plugged into left power plug , that’s so annoying and unlogic

  • easier to use Delay and reverb, DT, A4 and DN are way better, you only need 1 knob most of the time ( maybe it could be just a change in default parameters)

  • only distortion ( or add a 2nd fct like bitcrush) for the “vol + dist control” as we already have a track volume control
    -pan control with parameter lock and direct record

  • easier sample lock
    -sample visual preview ( not sure screen is good enough)
    -possibility to disable some knobs or tracks from ctrl all ( ON DT we can disable some parameters, not tracks, which is way better than nothing)

  • preview samples option in the headphones ( valid for every Elektron machine) or on a different audio channel when used with a computer ( which I don’t)

  • quantized playback option when retrig is on ( like maschine repeat button)
    -ATTACK !!!

out of the thread, there are some very neat features that machine brings, like sample management is way better than DT, Lfo assignment is so good, direct retrig too, I love the 1 knob / fct, etc.
Big Up tpo the elektron team !!
Hope the guys at Elektron will use some of these neat features for future high end machines,

Sample visual May be dope cause I’m often lost on the sample but you are right dope machine already

Set a default kit

  1. Waveform display. I don’t care if it’s low resolution, I don’t need to see the play head moving as the sample plays. I’d just like some indication of volume of the sample, start time, and end time.

  2. Internal resampling. I don’t need extra LFOs if I can use an LFO to get the sound I want, print to a new sample, edit again, and repeat.

  3. Bit-reduction = Function + volume. This would go a long way to adding character, especially if combined with resampling.

Just picked up the M:S last weekend and loving it already. These three additions would make it perfect IMHO. Elektron has been awesome about adding game changing updates to it’s boxes, so I’m glad to be on the train to enjoy the ride.


You are right

+1 for Waveform display

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It would be amazing to have the possibility to input external MIDI polyphony in the sequencer, like it is for Digitakt (monophonic but with the possibility to sequence up to 4 notes per step externally)

Just got this a few days ago so maybe there is a way to do it but I’d love one-shot trigs
like on the Octatrack. :cool:

Just use 1ST trig condition?


Heck yeah…loaded up a 2 minute+ sample on trig 1 and used the 1st trig condition, looped…does exactly what I needed it to do. Thanks! :slight_smile:


It would be very useful to have the ability to purge ram and sample locks folder ( delete all unused samples).

Hope it will be possible in a future update.


Same thing for the rest,
erasing the samples would be amazing!

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Assignable scales - ie Ionian, dorian, pentatonic etc.

Would be nice.


I just ran into this issue and can’t believe I don’t see more people asking about this. Even when I clear a Sequence, that damn Samples Lock folder remains. Which means that you will get a ‘Samples Locks Full’ warning anytime you try to create one. Only by selecting a bank sequence that never had anything written on it can I seem to get around this issue.

It is quite a pain, as when you Copy a Pattern, it brings over the Sample Locks with it, and they keep accumulating (20 slots + 6 sample pads is not much).

Am I missing something? This seems to be a pretty big oversight. At the very least clearing a Pattern / Sequence should erase the Sample Locks. ?

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Use FUNC+Level to delete samples from the LOCKS section… but I agree, there should be a way to purge unused samples.


Just got the M:S and trying to play it in my hammock seems to be impossible.

Is there any way to increase the sensitivity on the T1-T6 buttons?

No, but you can fix the velocity of the sound played by pads.

Press [FUNC] + [BACK] to access the PAD menu
FVEL Fixed velocity set the pads to trig with a fixed velocity. (ON, OFF)
VEL Velocity sets the fixed velocity value for the pads when FVEL is ON. (0–127)

I’m okay with the fact that copying a pattern brings over the Sample Locks. Sometimes you need to use the same samples. It would be great to see in the sample lock folder, what samples are on each track, and a way to see the unused samples (like the 6 last samples in the Locks folder, who are the main tracks samples).

I need a FUNK+Level on the RAM and Locks folders to purge or delete samples. I’ll put a ticket.

Sorry for my english, hope it is understandable…