Model:Samples Feature Requests Thread

Heck yeah…loaded up a 2 minute+ sample on trig 1 and used the 1st trig condition, looped…does exactly what I needed it to do. Thanks! :slight_smile:


It would be very useful to have the ability to purge ram and sample locks folder ( delete all unused samples).

Hope it will be possible in a future update.


Same thing for the rest,
erasing the samples would be amazing!

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Assignable scales - ie Ionian, dorian, pentatonic etc.

Would be nice.


I just ran into this issue and can’t believe I don’t see more people asking about this. Even when I clear a Sequence, that damn Samples Lock folder remains. Which means that you will get a ‘Samples Locks Full’ warning anytime you try to create one. Only by selecting a bank sequence that never had anything written on it can I seem to get around this issue.

It is quite a pain, as when you Copy a Pattern, it brings over the Sample Locks with it, and they keep accumulating (20 slots + 6 sample pads is not much).

Am I missing something? This seems to be a pretty big oversight. At the very least clearing a Pattern / Sequence should erase the Sample Locks. ?


Use FUNC+Level to delete samples from the LOCKS section… but I agree, there should be a way to purge unused samples.


Just got the M:S and trying to play it in my hammock seems to be impossible.

Is there any way to increase the sensitivity on the T1-T6 buttons?

No, but you can fix the velocity of the sound played by pads.

Press [FUNC] + [BACK] to access the PAD menu
FVEL Fixed velocity set the pads to trig with a fixed velocity. (ON, OFF)
VEL Velocity sets the fixed velocity value for the pads when FVEL is ON. (0–127)

I’m okay with the fact that copying a pattern brings over the Sample Locks. Sometimes you need to use the same samples. It would be great to see in the sample lock folder, what samples are on each track, and a way to see the unused samples (like the 6 last samples in the Locks folder, who are the main tracks samples).

I need a FUNK+Level on the RAM and Locks folders to purge or delete samples. I’ll put a ticket.

Sorry for my english, hope it is understandable…

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Not sure if technically possible, but it’d be nice to have an extra MIDI track for sequencing a monosynth without losing a sample track.


8 days with the model sample and still frustrated with the track buttons. I have to hammer them super hard in order to play the sound. Anyone else having this issue? Is this the same on all or just a bad batch?

Considering to send it back :sob: even though the rest is fun

I also didn’t like how the pads responded to velocity so I just turned it off. Much easier/more reliable to dial that in afterwards.

So now you don’t use them? I like to punch in my beats rather while the thing is on recmode+play rather than locking in the positions at the steps.

I punch them in with full velocity but edit that as I see fit after.

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Here fella…

Set the pads to fixed and then you don’t need to be consistent with your pressure/velocity when hammering out your tracks…
You can edit velocity per step post capture.

Thanks a ton…OK this improved it but still need to hit them pretty hard in order to get a sound.
On digitakt it s effortless and even my novation circuit has a much better feel on the pads. I dot get it why they made them so Damn hard :lollipop::sob::see_no_evil:

You aren’t alone! :exploding_head:

Ugh, that’s why I returned it the first time. So that didn’t really fix the issue? I was going to buy it a second time thinking that would fix it. But if I still have to hit it hard, then I’ll pass.