Model:Samples and Transfer (confirmed works with latest Transfer app!)


Is Transfer and Model:Samples working out-of-the-box with new units, or is this something will come in the future? I see that it’s included in the manual, but I’d like to confirm…


It’s mentioned in a catch-all document wrt using sample with Elektron instruments that some eagle-eyed reader spotted before the official announcement got rushed out

It seems likely it’ll work out of the box as it’s using the same principles they’ve mastered on the others and it has even been mentioned in current documentation - best dig out that reference to read what it says - someone linked a PDF late in the morning just before Elektron went official that same day on the coming soon thread


Thanks. Yeah, I saw that document, but am still hoping for actual confirmation from Elektron or one of the few (only?) Elekonauts I’ve seen that have gotten theirs already. I’m a little wary of depending on what’s printed in the manuals or on the box before opening the wallet… I don’t need sampling inputs, but importing my own samples is a must for me. I wanna see what this little thingy can do…


Put another way (yes it’s right to do your due diligence) but how awkward would it be if you couldn’t import - seems Elektron should be covered in this regard, but it ain’t long until European business hours when I guess it’ll get confirmed - you may be realistically wary about current released versions of Transfer so may have to lean on SDS dumps for a bit, I dunno …


Exactly what I’m thinking.


Well… If it doesnt work you got a nice preset player.


That’d be okay… except I don’t use presets. :blush:


The Transfer app works with the Model:Samples. Just make sure you have the latest Transfer app from the Elektron website.


Thanks, that’s official, then!


I guess I’m one of the few that got my hands on the first batch of the model:samples.
Transfer works I’ve already got loads of samples imported, it works flawlessly with most samples.
You’re welcome!
remember it converts to 16bit. some samples that got a wider sonic spectrum sounds sometimes wonky. whats up with that Elektron?. Anyway I’m still waiting for avantronica/, on keeping his/her promise on asking elektronauts Adm. to create a separate category for M/S. they are some things I noticed about the samples machine that need some attention. But in general it’s an awesome concept. And works great. and I’m enjoying it.


Why do we need apps to transfer samples on something that has usb? Can’t drag and drop be implemented? Seems to be a pretty popular method elsewhere…


It’s not in my gift to accelerate what will come in due course.

I’ll tag @David in any case to let him know the public are already thirsty for a new subforum


Thank U.



USB disk mode and USB class compliant audio/midi cannot run at the same time. A device can provide both, but it needs to reboot/reconnect when the mode should be switched (Zoom recorders do this, for example).

So, yes, in principle, it can be implemented with the above mentioned drawback. Why Elektron has chosen not to implement it, you need to ask them.



I’ve noticed that you can’t change samples on a per trig basis on the M/S like U can on almost any Elektron machine. Unless Im missing something and if not this is TRAGIC because it means that the machine is handicapped and you are stuck with basically one sample per track. And it seems that in this case it is true. This would mean that six tracks on the M/S in my opinion is not enough.
One sample per track is NOT enough!! not when we only have SIX TRACKS.
Then I think the M/S is too expensive.

Im a heavy Elektron user, that aside…
I can make a song in six tracks, I’m ok with it as long if Elektron gives us full trig control and interchangeable sample trigs. this would unlock another yet common amazing possibility for this machine/“groove box”.

Aside from that I think the Model/Samples is really great. But if they choose to fix the trigger samples thing then it can be amazing.

much love!


No sample locks, indeed.

Chains work though!


Is changing samples per trig basis something that could theoretically be added in an update? Or is that impossible?

I agree that would change it from good to amazing!


Don’t know, because there was almost never any info on this hassle in the first place, but I also can’t see why not. I really hope Elektron work on it ASAP this will become a unnecessary hassle.
And furthermore it might scare of some progressive Elektron users.

Next time when they try too market this thing or a similar product they should add that "it has ALMOST the full basic potential of the classic Elektron sequencer. :confused:
And by the way you U “almost” can’t find this info about the unnecessary and tragic limitation in the manual or elsewhere.

much love!



It is though.


thanx Nevets…

its official then… it’s a bit tragic… for now. :slight_smile: Please work on this Elektron.