Model:Samples and power


A seriously odd thing about the Model:Samples.

It needs 5V and have a usb-port, so in theory it could use usb to be powered.
Instead they opted to use an external power adapter.


could be maybe the MS draws more current than USB is capable of? :thinking:


It states that it needs 1 mA, so similar to an iPad.


Not 1mA, but 1A. The standard USB2 power (as provided by simple powered hubs) is limited to max. 500mA.

Of course, there are extensions which can provide more, but most users would be quite confused why it will not work with their hubs.


Ohh that was a typo from my end.

I didn’t mean it would charge from hubs or from computer. Was thinking more in line of wall chargers for ones phones and tablets.

But you are correct, people would plug it into the computer to use the sound card and expect it to power the thing.


i got samples but have yet to test this, if it does work is that’s great.


it’s probably separated to avoid noise issues. I know it’s a huge headache on the roland boutique stuff when you use a hub to power it vs plugging directly to a wall with an adapter