Model: Samples and external gear

So far I love my Model: Samples. I have one issue if anyone has any advice. I am trying to control my external gear chromatically. Triggering the external synth via model: samples works when I am in chromatic mode, but then when I switch to either record mode, it only works when I trigger the corresponding track. I can’t really sequence pitch.

So, I read the manual and it says use an external midi keyboard. Well, that works chromatically for the sample thats assigned to the track of the model: samples but does not trigger the external synth chromatically.

I have the external synth receiving on midi channel 1. The Mout of the track 1 is set to channel 1.

What am I doing wrong?

Also you have to turn down the audio level on the track that you are using for midi…it’s so weird.

Well, a reply I got on another site:

Hey mate! I programmed this entirely on the chromatic ‘keyboard’ on the Model Samples in realtime record mode - so you hold REC and hit PLAY - REC will flash. You can then play on the trig keys in realtime and record the notes. Quantize will sort out the timing issues! As far as an external keyboard playing the MIDI channel its assigned to - I would imagine it would do that just as expected - I haven’t tried it - but I do it all the time with a keyboard attached to Digitakt. Did you try it?

so, yes this works for triggering notes chromatically in realtime recording mode yet now the midi notes are not registering/sequencing as trigs on playback.

it’s working now. I just started a brand new project and it just worked. I have enjoyed this thread I have generated all by myself.

thx mate :nerd_face:

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that wads the best post ever!