Model samples and ableton live first step drop

greetings, I’ve bought a Model Samples and I’m enjoying it. In standalone mode I have no issues and I like the workflow. However, I do use Ableton Live, and I’d like to sync the MS with it, mostly to jam and create beats in MS, while doing other stuff in live.

I’ve achieved this with MIDI over USB, no issues. However… when I hit play in Ableton, and having the MS as slave, the first beat sometimes sounds, and sometimes doesn’t.

I’ve worked some workarounds, but all seem overkill (for example, triggering the patch one bar before). I wanted to know if someone had the same issue and if you’ve found a solution to this.

Basically, I’m looking at hitting play in Live, and having MS start right away, from step 1, with the first bass drum for example, sounding.

Thanks in advance!

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I have the exact same issue. When the M:S is selected as slave, it always skips the first 16 steps. The workarounds are fine, but there surely must be some other way.


First trig is always missed when slaved to Live 10. I’m going to check this in Reason 11 to see if it’s the M:S or the DAW.

Confirmed as a bug by Elektron Support.


Did it work ok in Reason?

I haven’t checked yet (using Reason 11 as VST rack). I can do that this weekend.

What did the support team answer you? will they fix this error? i have the same problem + ableton don’t look model samples as audio card

Hi. They just confirmed it was a known issue, but gave no timeline to fix. I suggest you raise a support ticket at: as this will help increase visibility of the issue.

I’ve not had any issues with Ableton seeing the device - I’m using MacOS (Catalina) and the M:S is Class Compliant.

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Okay, thank you

Have you tried using midi cable? Does the problem remain?

It’s the exact same issue as with the Digitakt. Which still hasn’t been fixed either. :confused:

Yep - it’s not just a USB issue.

Is this a problem only for ableton on digitakt or other DAW too? Fck, it is no cool

I only use Ableton Live ( 10.1.7 ) at the moment.

It’s an Elektron problem and not Ableton, since my other gear like Novation Circuit doesn’t have this issue when its in slave mode.

in fact, this is very strange, people in other topics write that everything is fine with synchronization with ableton. :frowning:

I have the same problem but with Logic Pro. Always misses the first step. Hope a fix is in the pipeline. I thought firmware update 1.02b would have solved it but alas.

It always works if you set Live to count off 1 bar before starting to record. It is in the metronome menu.


nice tip!

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