Model Samples: After having it a minute?

Anyone else still not 100% on how they feel about their MODEL SAMPLE?

I like it.

I just don’t know what I really needs versus want to do with it.

I am contemplating making it a high hat and bass only type unit.

I love the knobs and feel and it is nice on the live front.

I just find the kicks sometimes don’t get there for girth and density. For your kicks on the MODEL, do you compress kicks prior?

I also find some inconsistencies with the knobs and FX as well as filter. I feel like the turns don’t always yield the same results.

I love it and find live I can do a lot quick.

But the strongest sounds I get from it are hats/303/other one shot bass.

I haven’t explored a lot of single cycle stuff yet on it.

What say you?

I got it pretty early, but I am hard pressed to really have a defined space for its use.

Appreciate hearing your use and patterns?

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