Model Samples + Ableton Sequencing


Is there a way to create a midi sequence in ableton and send the midi notes to model samples so it’s easy to structure a song but also be able to change the parameters on the fly with the MS? I tried sending midi to the MS and it just used T1 and pitched it up and down.

There are a few ways to control a Model:Samples using MIDI messages from a sequencer.

In order to structure a song, I would suggest that you send MIDI Program Change messages from Ableton Live to change which pattern is playing on the M:S.

You can use MIDI note messages to trigger the M:S’s sounds individually. You can use either different pitches or different MIDI channel numbers to determine which of the 6 sample tracks on the M:S is triggered by any given note. See 7.5 MIDI NOTES in the M:S manual for details.


Ahhhh, different midi channels for different tracks! Perfect, Peter. That gives a lot of flexibility!