Model sample and sq1

is it possible to sync the model sample and korg sq1? either m:s midi out to sq1 sync in or sq1 midi out to m:s midi in? and if so do i need to use the 3.5 to din adapters or can i just use a regular patch cable? im trying to synch the m:s with my eurorack setup thats all sequenced by the sq1 and dont really want to have to buy another module if not necessary.

You do not need the adapter and you also should not need to set the polarity in the m:s config because for the in port the m:s sets the connection type automatically (Korg wires their midi to 1/8" wires according to the other “standard”).

If using midi sync you’ll have to make the SQ1 master as it frustratingly only accepts midi sync input over USB.

You could also sync the sq1 from the Model:Samples if you were willing to make the rather large sacrifice of stereo output and a track. To do so pan all your drums left (or right) and then put a click-ish sound on a channel that is panned the opposite direction. You should then be able to use the click to sync the SQ-1 (and have some interesting flexibility by not sending it evenly spaced clicks).

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thanks. that second one actually sounds like it could be pretty cool