Model:Cycles Project Management

I had some questions about backing up and loading projects. I used Sysex Librarian to record the STOCK project. Then I tested loading that project into a new slot. I selected a blank project then dropped the SysEx file into Transfer (essentially an overcomplicated copy and paste). However, only the first pattern was transferred.

I did this because I like backing up and deleting the presets. I like starting with a blank canvas. I now realize I can’t delete the STOCK project. Is there a way to do this? This is my first Elektron product so I’m definitely a newbie. But I’m loving it so far. Thanks for any help.

Did you backup the pattern or the project? I have not had enough time to see if it’s possible to un-write protect a project yet. If you figure it out def let us know

You can also do this (atleast you can erase factory patterns this way and kind of have a blank slate) >


To perform this operation, press the [TRIG 2] key. All patterns will be erased. The data on the +Drive remains intact.

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I definitely chose project. If i mess with it some more I’ll let you know.

Thank you. I don’t know why I couldn’t find this in the manual.

Sorry for the newbie question, but how would you back up a project sysex on Cycles onto a computer? I tried the project backup option while the Transfer app is running, but nothing actually got transferred. I’m sure i must be missing something incredibly obvious!

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I’m having the same problem. I have a faulty Cycles and it’s getting swapped out. I need to back up my projects to a computer so I can transfer them when the new one gets here and I can’t figure out how to make it work. Only had the Cycles a week or two and it’s my first Elektron machine.

I suspect Transfer doesn’t do the trick, or I’m doing it wrong. I just updated the firmware, which DID work, and then as a test I tried to back up a project but that didn’t seem to do anything. Though I was able to see custom presets. So… unsure :confused: also would like to know

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Yeah, I tried Transfer, looks like you can only grab saved presets? Incredibly lame if that’s the case. Tried Sysex Librarian and nothing ever came through. Going to try again this weekend but I don’t have high hopes.

Sorry to dig up something a lil old, but is the consensus here that Elektron Transfer won’t transfer projects or patterns? It looks like I’ve done a transfer of a preset, but for the life of me cannot figure out how to export a project or pattern lol… don’t need to do it right this second, but I imagine at some point I’d like to archive some of this stuff.

I think I kind of recall using a tool called C6? Also available here, but none of the documentation actually recommends using this for M:C??

My understanding is that the scope of Transfer on the M:C is just for presets. (Which I imagine parallels it’s scope for other Elektron boxes, such as M:S and digitakt, where it’s scope is just samples)

If you want to back up patterns or projects, the way to do it is via sysex transfer … and to do that you will need sysex utility software such as Elektrons C6, or Sysex Librarian for the mac. (Don’t know the windows equivalent, but I’m sure others will chip in).

To start the transfer, go to config (spanner button) then choose ‘backup’.

I am like 90% sure I did use C6 on Windows, that’s ok I guess. It’s just weird that the directions aren’t super clear about this (or maybe I just missed some key info??) - very happy to report the new firmware fixed USB audio issues I was having so giving it a go again :slight_smile: will re-grab C6 or look for any Win alternatives

Hmm … I think you’re right, it’s not very clear. The manual should at least tell you that transfer won’t do the job. I suppose if they actually suggested Sysex Librarian that might look like an endorsement or guarantee that it would work, so I can perhaps see that they might not want to mention that one, since they have no control over it. Bit of a weird one. @eangman ?

Also kinda weird, couldn’t re-find the C6 tool myself on the site, ended up doing a search which led me to a thread here and the download is on the Analog Drive page? Just grabbed it, seems to work just fine. But yeah, would be nice if the official way is to use Elektron Transfer to also allow that to listen to and send Sysex so it’s a one stop shop.

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For what it’s worth, I used MIDI-OX running under Wine for the firmware update and it went fine. I think it does the same job.

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Lol yeah I found MIDI-OX also but the website looked like some Geocities era ish and last version was 2014? So it got a “hellll nah” from me haha

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You’re not wrong about their site! I see it kind of like that hole in the wall down the street that hasn’t renovated in 20 years but still gets a steady flow of business - they must be doing something right.

Transfer does not handle project management. Really wish it did, and I don’t understand why there’s a project tab in the app when it doesn’t do anything. Drives me insane honestly.

It took me a while to figure it all out but I think I finally got it. I’m on a mac and used Sysex Librarian. I had to read through that apps documentation a few times, read through the M:C manual a few more times and then check my M:C midi settings 100 different times and then finally found the winning combination.

It’s really a disappointment this day in age for project management to be this much of a nightmare. If the Cycles wasn’t so damn fun and great sounding it would be a deal breaker honestly.

Except that … from today, it does, apparently: Transfer 1.4 upgrade


Yes, Transfer 1.4 has changed everything.