Model cycles problems recording in logic

Hey all,
I want to record the audio of model cycles pattern in logic.
I have synced the midi clock and choose the lowest I/o buffer.

  1. When I start playback it is not always in sync, sometimes it is luckily, but with every playback it seems to be a slightly different start point.
  2. The sound from model cycles is not clean. It has fragments of distortions in it.

What can I do? Thanks for helping!

How are you connecting for Midi and Audio?

Hey @DavidSparks,
Connected via USB as audio in
Logic midi clock synced via midi (USB)

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That COULD be part of the problem, not sure though. If you can hook up with midi and audio cables that could do the trick. I’m thinking there’s too much lag in the USB method. FWIW, the only time I get out the USB cable is to backup and use Transfer. So far I haven’t had any latency issues that way.

Maybe at least try either audio or midi over USB, not both.

@DavidSparks thanks for the hint - it worked out!
I have now connected model cycles with Logic via scarlett2i4:

  • analog midi from model to scarlet
  • analog audio from model to scarlet
    midi clock sync logic - scarlet
    audio in logic scarlet
    Now it s perfectly in sync and there is no background noise, I will do other test with the usb, maybe I can use it for audio in as well.
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