Model:Cycles Feature Requests Thread

just hold the trig on the snare track and hit copy (rec)

go to the kick track, hold the step you want the snare to be and hit paste (stop)

this should copy the trig with all settings, so no need to save a preset before…

That’ll just paste that trig on the Kick track with another kick sound, not the snare sound.

really, have you tried it? pretty sure it works, but not at the machine now… sorry if it was wrong info…

i swear to remember i’ve copied some hi hat trigs to another track the other day

maybe the machine on the trig that is copied has to be plocked already…?

it would only work if the trig was entirely plocked to desired settings (inc machine) or a soundlock already - otherwise it’ll copy just the track data note/vel etc and any (if any) p-locks used

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it would be great to have an option to copy all settings of a trig, maybe hold trig and function then hit copy

Not sure if this has been requested, but I’d like to be able to do ctrl-all actions for just the channel pads I have held down.

To explain further; if I hold pads 2, 4, and 5 and change the reverb amount, it will change the reverb settings for those channels only, and 1, 3 and 6 are unaffected.

I love my model:cycles :slight_smile:


I know it’s a long shot, but I’d like to see a bit more control of the FX. even something as a hp/lp filter control in 'verb and delay feedback would be cool…

Another idea… Some way (maybe while holding PLAY or something) to delay the knob send… So I can switch things like CHORD shape without having to have all the intermediate steps audible…


Hold “play” or whatever
Twist knob
Release “play” and the knob value gets sent

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These already exist though…? Reverb has the tone control and delay has feedback.

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I mean filter in the delay feedback. And the tone in the verb is ok, but more control would be nice, even if buried in a menu. Predelay control for verb is kinda important for groove, etc. like I wrote, not a big deal, but if they could expose those parameters that are prob there anyway, it would be nice.

Toggle projects non/writable.

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A fast RETRIG sounds really good, please go up to x256 !
(or even 2k :wink: )

+1 on locking projects

I’d add that I’d like to be able to set up the Note/Velocity/Length window to have default settings for a track. For example, with the snare machine, I’ve found that I had better results (for my tastes) with the Gate set to on and a gate length value in between 1/32 and 1/16. 1/16 is often much too long. Each and every time I insert a snare in the sequencer track, I need to adjust the length cause it’s always 1/16th by default. Copy/paste another snare which is already set up works, but it’s slower.

Also, speaking of that Note/Velocity/Length page, the controls on this window are not the same as the other windows. What I mean by that is if you go to the LFO window for example, when you turn the blue knob (Level/Data) you will select the parameter you want to edit, then when you click the knob you’ll now be able to edit the parameters value. Click again and you’re back to parameter selection. On the Note/Velocity/Length window, when you hold a sequencer step, if you turn the blue knob you won’t be selecting between Note, Velocity or Length, but will be editing the value of the currently selected parameter. Clicking the knob will go to the next parameter. I guess it’s faster to edit that way, but since it’s not the same as all the other windows on the device, I keep making mistakes on this window and changing the note value for example. It’s the same on the M:S. Anyway, small nitpick…

yes, i also find this distracting/inconsistent… should be the same behavior across all menus, for the sake of easy, streamlined operation, which is the goal with this device, i think…

the fastest is the note menu variant for me… but if the lists get longer, it might be annoying, to click many times, to go to the desired entry…

anyway, i bet the elektron guys are aware of this already

loading of Scala files for custom scales and microtunings would be very cool!!

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Yeah this would be awesome, but probably more realistic on Digitone as it’s a higher tier machine. I know @Ess is as big an afx fan as a lot of us here so it’s probably a feature request for him as well :wink:

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haha, one can dream <3 <3 When this lockdown is over and out ima gonna get my hands on a digitone i thinks… Cycles has def wet my appetite for some Elektron FM goodness!!

Please Ess I would like to request a Track Swap feature for the Model Cyles and the Model Samples… This would be a Huge Time Saver for set/song organization because if you could swap any two tracks location you wouldn’t have to worry about setting up proper track chronology in advance and after you’re done creating your patterns you could put whichever pattern you wanted wherever you wanted quickly.

To clarify… I’ve got a bassline on track 5 but chronologically I’d like it to be next to my drums which are tracks 1, and 2 so I could use the swap feature to swap track 5 with 4!


Hah yeah, I talked to Richard about it a while back actually (for the Digitone)
I was thinking of a simpler way to add it (microtuning) but he really pushed for Scala import. Makes sense now that I’ve tried it a bit more, but makes it a bit more complex to put in there… Would love to have it though.


hello again :slightly_smiling_face:

I would like to request ‘Recordable Mutes’ These would be mutes that could be recorded into the sequencer and this would take the Model Cycles as well as the Model Samples to new level. It would be great for them to be capable of being quantized or non-quantized and in an ideal world if they could be nudged on a track like other trigs and have trig conditions this would be another Elektron game changer!!!