Model:Cycles 1.12

OS 1.12 adds a number of bug fixes to improve performance on your Model:Cycles. It also adds the ability to adjust the display contrast on your unit.

Please read the release notes for more information.

Check out Model:Cycles - At A Glance on YouTube.

Head to our support page to download.


List of changes from OS 1.11 to 1.12


Added screen contrast setting in the DEVICE CONFIG menu.

KBT and PAD snap values in the TRACK SETUP menu are now 1 octave apart.

Bug fixes

A pattern chain was ignored and did not play if the [PATTERN] key was released before the [TRIG] keys.

Presets were saved with the file ending incorrectly added to the name.

Sounds could in some cases be previewed with an incorrect value for velocity to volume.


snap i.e. Push-Turn to quick scroll in multiples of 12 , turn sans push for semitones

Thanks! My eye will appreciate any increase in contrast :tongue: