Model 15 & Tanzbar Wiggle


Finally convinced my wife to come up to the den and see what the fuss is about… here’s a little unscripted wiggle…

The Model 15 being sequenced from a Korg SQ1… some interesting FM, an oscillating filter accompanied by my favourite sounding drum machine, the mighty Tanzbar.

No post processing… a hint of reverb from the mixer during the session:


Nice. Was contemplating on selling my Tanzbar… maybe not :cool:

Model15 sound is subtle and raw, me likey.


i know a lot of ppl shit on its workflow… but its undeniably fantastic sounding… far better than any Elektron box thats for sure…

the sweetspot is huge and the Kick sound glorious, don’t sell it


Will not! Instead I will put some of it’s outs on the mixer tonight.


You sequence the Tanzbar with your Circlon I reckon?


Nice tune!
Do u still have your alpha base.


Actually no… I am using its own sequencer, I don’t mind it…!?

I find the Cirklon is great but if you’re not careful, you end up spending too much time programming which can take a lot of the fun/creativity away.


Yes, I see.

Don’t mind either, I just forget what I did a few weeks back… have to stop overcomplicating and back to free jam basics.

And add a little (big) notebook :notebook: maybe…


I still have it indeed! AB is a beast and sounds quite different to the Tanzbar.

In my opinion:

AB - better build quality, fantastic circuit wizardry (VCF/VCA are incredible), more flexible midi options, Midi CC control of virtually everything, can get very experimental or feel right at home for some pounding Techno…

Tanzbar - more basic but with wider sweetspot, smaller, easier to dial in a glorious kick and clap. “Woody” and fantastic sounding…

I got rid of my Tempest and have toy’d with selling the Machinedrum but keep holding on :slight_smile: although I dont use it as much these days.