Mod wheel -> Delay feedback (FDBK)

Is it possible to use the mod wheel to affect the FDBK parameter of the delay engine?

I found the Mod Wheel page of the Sound Setup menu, but that seems to be specific to a sound, while the delay engine seems to be shared between sounds in a pattern (is that correct?).

I was able to map the mod wheel to the delay send level for an individual track, but that’s not quite the same as modulating the delay’s feedback level.

Would love to know if I missed something obvious, or if there is some non-obvious way to accomplish this, or if it’s impossible.

Thanks in advance for your time and consideration.

Don’t have DigiKeys, but I’m pretty sure you can set up mod destinations for each of the four tracks (currently selected track is affected by the mod wheel then), the effects are global send effects, though. There are no insert fx.

No fx track on the Digi Keys, so that wouldn’t work. :man_facepalming:

The master fx like delay are set up to receive midi channel 9 iirc,by default.
I was sending midi commands from my OT to feedback and delay filter etc.
They dont receive it on CC1 though (mod wheel) ,the CCs were in the 70s . You would have to check the manual for midi specifications, then figure a way of sending that command from your controller.

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@Spheric_El - Thank you, I hadn’t thought of trying to control those parameters directly with MIDI.

I see in the manual that CC -> FDBK is possible. I will experiment with this.

I appreciate the idea! Have a great weekend.

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