MM generative techniques thread

found a new favorite generative technique on MM. dbox on track 5 and 6, kicks/snare on 6, ride/hat/other on 5.

beat don’t matter, just set retrig time to I think it was 4 so it’s double time resolution, then attach small LFO on retrig, the LFO is free so weather or not it fires off is random, plus with the beat across two tracks, the kick/snare and the hat/ride aren’t linked. get lost in it.

what’s your favorite generative technique?


track 3 was a sid machine with the arp going, with a free LFO attached to portamento, so as the arp runs the pattern, some notes slide and some notes jump, but it never does it the same way twice

Nice trick! will try this.
Not very generative but one of my favourite trick is :
Use a synth with a slow random sid arp.
Place trigs with chords which have some out-of-range notes (too high or too low to be heard or to trig the part, transposing the part might help to get those).
This creates some kind of controlled random melodies, a bit like probability trigs.

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